Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping arrangements
at my house can 
get interesting.

You see, I have a 
queen size bed and 
I share it with three
 dogs and 
a cat. 

Dakota is the only 
one that
will sleep under 
cover. But, that can 
Some nights its
 in and out.

I never feel him coming
 out though 
from under the 
cover but
I always know when 
he wants
under them.  I know
 this cause
although he can get
 under the 
covers by himself 
he feels the 
need to wake me,
 by scratching
at me. I raise the 
cover and 
under he goes. 
How many times
 a night
this happens can vary.

But since Chey 
and Molly
have come into 
our home or
should I say bed things 
have changed. 

Chey loves to sleeping
with a part of her 
body touching me, 
usually her back side.
The problem has come into 
play with Dakota 
wanting under
the covers cause Chey
sleeps sideways 
in the bed, 
up next to me. 

Raising the blankets for
Dakota to crawl under is
really hard cause of the 
way she lays. I 
have been 
having to raise 
her up while
she sleeps on the 
blankets cause
not only does Dakota want 
under, he wants to go to the 
bottom of the bed.

Now Molly used to 
sleep on a dog
bed on the floor. 

I felt bad about
that so one day I put her up
on the bed, I banked 
the side I 
was not one 
with pillows, I 
was afraid she 
would fall off but
the amazing thing is she
usually don't ever move. 

As for Lily Bit....
haha, I really have no clue
where she sleeps. 
She used to sleep with 
Dakota and I but since
the bed got crowded 
things changed. 

Some nights I 
get up cause 
Dakota needs to 
go out (he
is the only dog 
that gets up 
at night) and when
 I go down
to let him out 
Lily is on the 
chair.  Other times I find her
on the bed with us
 but lately she
has been sleeping in a 
narrow box next
to my bed that is full
of material and other stuff.

She is such a mess.
My daughter asked 
me if I 
get any sleep and the 
answer I 
gave her was .....
not really.
Course that adds 
to my fatigue in 

Sweet Dreams

Standing Watch

Watching outside!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Finding a Voice - Needs to Stop

tell me it's a phase!!

This two year finding
her voice is killing me.

She has taken it upon
herself to voice 

She seems to think it is
fun to wake me, time and 
time again till I 
get up.

She seems to delight in 
being in a different room
and meowing out
to me to come in there.
Then I get there she leaves!


Monday, July 15, 2019

The Pups

Dakota was giving 
mom some kisses.

Chey wanted me to 
just pet her.

And Molly just wanted to 

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Lily and the Arms

Last night while laying back
on the couch and resting 
I looked over to see
this site in my chair!

Lily Bit sitting up 
both front legs thrown to the 
sides, looking like arms!

Silly, Silly Little 

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Wanting Time sweet little
 Lily Bit, the
girl that gives me 
NO trouble
at all....
Has turned 

I thought may she was
going through
the terrible 

What is this little girl 
Being a brat!

The past week or so she
has started a 
new phase, 
meowing at bedtime.

She sits outside 
the bedroom
door and meows.
I will get up just to 
check on her to see
her just sitting there.
I go back to bed, lay
down and next thing
I know, she is 
doing it again. 
Finally I realized she is
doing this on purpose,
trying to get my attention.

Then she started 
doing it at 
other times, like 
when I lay
down to rest. 
She is wanting moms 
I realized that I have been 
lacking in the playing
part of her life. 
Having my hands full 
with working,
trying to do things at the
house and more 
So I am making 
it a point to
play more with her.
We used to play chase all the 
time and hide and seek.
Working on doing 
those things
more often now.

The last two nights she 
has even
come back to bed 
later for 
speical loving and petting. 
Yep, she wakes me for that
but I have missed that so 
I am happy to pet on her,
loves to have her 
head massaged.
I fall asleep doing this and she
sleeps in my arms for awhile...

She was asking for 
more time!
So she is not really evil, she
is being sweet.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Centipede and Lily

This morning when I got up 
I noticed that Lily was
something in the bedroom.

Never a fave thing of mine to 
know that she has 
keyed herself
on something in my home.

I looked around but did 
not see anything,
however Lily would not come
downstairs and go on the deck.

I went back up and found this.

A centipede.
Well Lily was only playing with 
it, batting it around and 
running after it.
So I took care of the matter.
Tissue paper and toliet!

That was 30 mins ago and 
Lily is still up there looking 
for it. 

I did do some reading on 
these. They are great for inside
the house cause they eat
spiders and other bugs!
I don't have other bugs but
like all homes, spiders do come
in and in TN we have
brown recluse, which I have
been biten by before.

That is not fun, they have
been known to kill 
people. Let me also throw
this out there, I got bit on 
the cheek......the cheek you sat

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Princess and Barn Babes

Everyday when I pull up to 
the barn I have two cats 
that run out to greet me. 
Shadow is one but she
only comes to the front
of the car.

Princess comes up and 
sets there at the door
when I open it. 
on that rub on the head.

When I opened the door she
was looking up at me 
as normal with most animals
when you get the camera
ready, they turn their

Silly girl.

My barn babes are 
different in the way
they love to be petted.

Princess loves for me to 
place my hand over
over the top of her
head and massage.

Tigress looks that spot
right above the tail
to be rubbed and 
scratched at.

Shadow, the side
of her face under
the eyes. 

Monday, July 8, 2019

Animals of the Day

at the barn I watched and
yes fed the wild turkey.

Look at my girl...she
is so pretty.

A feral that is not so feral
that hangs at my friend
Lisa's house.

I have to wonder if those amazing
eyes glow in the dark!

Wishing I could give this girl
a home at the barn when Lisa
moves but I can't afford
to feed anymore cats. 
I am looking for her a home but
no luck.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Dakota AKA THE KING and White Spots

Dakota has been off the 
steroids for a few weeks and 
seems to be doing really well.

 I look at that handsome face
and where I once saw
youth I see white hairs spotting
that face. 
He is my bud.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Lily - Posing

I love this girl so much.


She is such a mess!

Thanks for checking
in on my furbabes.


Thursday, July 4, 2019

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Toe Biting and Napping

 critters are creatures
of habit (or routine).
Like this morning, a day off,
ten minutes after the alarm
normally goes off
I was awaking with 
Lily biting at my toes!
This is not the habit but
apparently the habit is 
the time in which
we get up four days 
a week.

Coffee on the deck this
morning looked like this.

With me being up now
and Lily sleeping!

A bit later she moves
and decided so nap sitting

Since I had an issue
going to sleep last night
I think I will take her
lead and at 8:35 am
take a nap!

Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping arrangements at my house can  get interesting. You see, I have a  queen size bed and  I share it with three  dogs an...