Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Hair or not to Hair

Mom showed me these
pics today.


See the source image

I love being rubbed but
I am not sure I would
want to be rubbed on 
my skin.

See the source image

I just think I look
more handsome with


Monday, October 14, 2019

Sleeping Positions

My brother and sister
seem to think it
is funny the
positions I get
in when I sleep. 

No photo description available.

I don't understand 
what they see as
being funny!
Image may contain: cat


Saturday, October 12, 2019

Sleepy Time

Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy.....

No photo description available.

I love sleeping next to my mom.


Sleeping but not Snoring

Last night mom

Image may contain: dog

snapped this of me.
Get this, she says I was not
She laughs at me 
cause she says I snore


Friday, October 11, 2019

A Natural

Its my turn again!
I love blogging!
I heard that Cheyenne is 
not so crazy about it and I
think Dakota is the same
way. I love it. I love to 
be seen in the pics mom
takes and I love to write...
about myself!

Mom says I am a natural
in front of the camera.

Image may contain: cat

Image may contain: cat and indoor

Image may contain: cat

Image may contain: cat and indoor

Image may contain: cat

Image may contain: cat and indoor

Image may contain: cat

No photo description available.

My thinks I pose but 
I really don't. I just sit
there and look ...pretty.


Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Not so Much Into Blogging

Hi everyone...

I am not like Lily Bit
when it comes to getting
really excited about blogging.
Yeah, its okay that mom gives
us times but its not a biggie!

But I have to say that I am so
glad mom has this deck area 
for all of us to chill out on .

No photo description available.

Image may contain: dog and outdoor

I like to lay under moms hammock
and I really like when she reaches
down for no reason to rub me.

 Image may contain: dog

I can tell that mom is right, 
the days are getting shorter
and the temps are getting
cooler. I know with that
happening we will not be
hanging on the deck much. 
Although mom has some projects
that she says she needs to get done
out here before it gets really cold.
Maybe I can help with that.
We will see..


Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Dakota and the Great Pumpkin

 Look everyone, its a DOG!

Image may contain: text

Mom says his name is Snoopy but 
(even though you can't tell) he is
black and white like me.

Image may contain: dog


Monday, October 7, 2019

The Tent

Hi....its my time to blog
again. I like that mom
is letting us do this now.

The mornings have
been cooler lately and 
mom takes her quilt
out with her in the 
hammock. When she
gets up and goes in 
she leaves me a 

The first day she came
out to check on me and 
could not find me. 
Course I think it is 
fun to not answer her
when she calls my

No photo description available.

However she found
me cause my paws
were sticking out.
No photo description available.

Then she looked in the TENT.

Image may contain: cat

And my thoughts were,
as you probably can see
from my face, "what
do you want?"

She left it for me again
yesterday so I crawled
up in my tent and laid

Thanks mom.


Sunday, October 6, 2019

That Thing Called a Camera

Here we go again!
Mom and that thing she calls
a camera!
I don't care for it but she
keeps pointing it at me
and the rest of us.

 Image may contain: dog

Lily however don't seem to mind
it as much as Dakota and I do. That 
might be the reason Mom points it 
at her a lot. 

Right now we are all on the deck
with mom. She is half sitting
and half laying in that silly thing
attached to the top of the deck, pushing
it back and forth with her food.
I am laying next to her on a cushion,
Dakota AKA the KING is on the glider
right beside me and mom.
Lily is on the ledge of the deck
licking herself again. She cleans
herself all the time yet the day before
yesterday mom put me in the bath.
I hate those things!


Saturday, October 5, 2019

Better Side

I know this pic below
makes look like I am 
mad at mom and about to
take her head off but
actually I had just yawned
and this is the after look!

However, I really wished
she would stop taking
pic of me. I have lived with 
mom for over 12 yrs and 
I have put up with it all 
those years.

Image may contain: dog

But if she is going to continue
I want her to get my better side!

Image may contain: dog

Mom calls me her lumpy
bumpy little boy. 
I have skin tags all over
me. You can see a few
in the pic.
But I have a lot more.
Doc says its a common thing.
I also have what the doc
called fatty tumors.
Not, that word fatty tends
to be ugly and I hate being
told in general that I am 
a fatty. But my sister Amber
said yesterday that I was looking
good and had lost weight.

Mom found another spot that came
out on me the other day. Her and 
Amber don't think it is a
skin tag or a fatty tumor.
Mom thinks if is the C
word as she calls it. 
I heard mom and the doc talking
before that I have that
and this might just be another
way it is coming out. 

But....I feel great right now.
Mom is giving me lots of
love like always. My mom 
has always loved me even
though I am strange. 
I love her too.


Friday, October 4, 2019

Should Have Been a Model

I really should have been
a model.

Check out my pose below!!

No photo description available.


Image may contain: cat and indoor

No photo description available.


Thursday, October 3, 2019

Doggie in the Window

Mom came home from work
yesterday and she showed
me this pic.

She was laughing, but
I really did not understand
till she told me the doggie
in the window was not

Image may contain: sky, car and outdoor

CheyAnna Bella

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Mom and the Barn Babes

Mom came home smelling 
like CAT
from the barn

Well, she always does but
more so today.

I think I found the reason

Image may contain: Pam Montgomery Jackson, cat

She don't normally hold the 
barn babes. They let her pet and 
rub them but not really
big on being held.

That is Princess in the pic
above. Mom said she allowed
her to hold her but not for long.

In the pic below is Tigress.
She lets mom pick her up 
more then Princess does. 

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

Mom thinks it is because
Tigress was the first of the 
three barn babes to trust.

Mom loves the barn babes. 
Shadow is keeping a little
distances from mom 
though. You see Shadow
is highly allergic to fleas and 
mom keeps her and the others
treated with the good stuff.

However last month, mom was
two days late giving
flea meds and they
got hold of Shadow again.
She has a bald spot still
on her rear left side. 
Mom has been treating her
with peroxide and 
Neosporin. Might not be the
best thing but she seems
to be healing. But, she is
avoiding mom. 

Flea meds tomorrow....its
time again.


Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Not Made of Glass

I don't know why mom
keeps telling me to move.
Something about me not
being made of glass!!!

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

Mom got this shot of me standing
in front of the tv but it looks
like that guy is trying to rub
Good shot mom!


Monday, September 30, 2019


Do you have feral cats 
around where you live?

Mom says that Trixie, 
that black and white
cat that visits sometimes
for food is a feral.
She explained to me that
a feral cat was a cat
that was wild, had
no home and no one to
love them. 
That is sad.

Mom saw this last yr
on FB and saw again the 
other day. She is looking 
for a couple of tires to make
one. She thought she could put
it under the deck outside of the 
fence. She said she has
to do it that way cause
if she puts inside the 
fence I will chase her.

Look its a Kitty Condo!

No photo description available.

Mom would actually like to do
this for the furbabes
at the barn. She has put
an igloo in the barn
for them in the winter but
they never get in it. 
Mom worries about the barn
babes but I have never met them.

Yesterday I laughed at this....
Dakota don't like the unusual 
in life so when we were on the 
deck and he kept hearing a 
beeping sound, he freaked out!
He started scratching at mom 
in the hammock and shaking.
Mom put him in the hammock
with her.

Image may contain: one or more people

Silly boy!
Mom thought the beeping noise
was happening in the hood
but when it kept up she
went in the house to look.
When she got her creamer
out of the that cold box
in the kitchen she did not 
shut the door all the way.

but it stopped when she shut
the door. Dakota was still
shaking but finally after it 
stopped he got down.


Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Mud Bath

Hi ....
Dakota AKA The King 
coming to you today in 

Mom went to the barn 
yesterday to feed like she
does everyday. 
She came home laughing
about needing a LIFE!

She said that her life could
not get any more 
exciting then it was at
the barn....filling the mud pit
for the pigs and watching 
a wasp and frog in the 

Image may contain: nature and outdoor

No photo description available.

Sometimes my mom is just
so silly!


Saturday, September 28, 2019

Perfect, But What Color

Mom says I am perfect!
Her little angel.
She is just not sure what color
to call me......

This is a pic of my tail. Mom laughs 
at all the colors. 
White, gray, black, brown and orange sort
of color.

No photo description available.

Black velvet feet.

No photo description available.

My sweet little ears to hear my mom calling 
me so I can ignore her.

No photo description available.

My whiskers.

Image may contain: outdoor

Mom calls it my perfect little nose only
I would not let her take a good pic.
This is the top of my nose, looking
down my nose.

Image may contain: dog

Mom missed me the other day on the 
deck and when she looked for me 
she found me like this.

Image may contain: cat

What color would you say I am?


Friday, September 27, 2019

Eyeliner and Blonde Lashes

Mom says I look like I 
wear black eyeliner
but I need mascara for my
blonde lashes.

No photo description available.

She says she has never seen 
a doggie with that color lashes.


Thursday, September 26, 2019

Lumpy Bumpy and the Bobcat Tabby

Hi...its me Dakota.
I am not turning my back on 
you for any reason other then the
fact that I am 

Mom put my dog pillow up on 
the chair for me to lay on.
It is so comfy. 

Mom calls me her lumpy
bumpy baby.
I have lumps and bumps all
over my body. 

A couple weeks ago my mom
took care of her niece and 
nephew cats. There are three of
them but there now seems to 
be some feral cats hanging around
A mom, a sibling of the mom,
three kittens and this one more
feral. He hangs away from the 
others. I heard mom telling Aunt
Kim that the one cat was the 
biggest orange tabby she has
every seen and it looked like
part bobcat.  

He does look pretty big.
I would not mess with him.


Hair or not to Hair

Mom showed me these pics today. A HAIRLESS dog. I love being rubbed but I am not sure I would want to be rubbed on  my...