Friday, December 20, 2019

Birds / Play and Old Christmas Pic

Hi all.....

    it's me, Lily Bit!

Mom took out last Sunday with 
her camera. That usually means 
she will gone for a bit but she
came home faster then normal.

Said she just needed to get out and 
about with her camera, that did 
not  have to do with a shoot.

I wished she would have taken
me. Why? Well just look at
what she saw....BIRDS!

Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree, bird, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: sky, cloud, bird, tree and outdoor

She had several more but
I just picked these two to show you.

Mom was relaxing on the 
couch the other day and these
two were near her. They are always
close, but me, I am always all over
the place.

Anyway, I was here for a minute
and Chey and I started to play.
But just like always, she started
growling when she played so 
I left. I don't like that sound.

Chey laid down next to Dakota.

Image may contain: dog and indoor

Then they started to play!

Image may contain: dog

Dakota don't freak like I do
when Chey growls. 

Mom was looking at some older
pics this morning while I sat on 
her chest purring as she rubbed
my head and cheeks. 

She found this pic that was
taken two years ago at 
Christmas. She did not put
the tree up this yr. I don't know
why cause all I ever did was 
look at it, I never touched it.

But anyway this pic mom says
is adorable.

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  1. Lily you are so cute, Hope your Mum is well Diane

  2. You look very cute with the tree sweet Lily, maybe you can have one next Christmas.

  3. the purrfect Christmas card from all of you to all of us. for some reasons dogs like to tussle and growl... who knows why

  4. What lovely photos. :) And that is a darling family. I'm so glad you all found such a precious mom and happy home. I do take issue, Lily, about dogs being boring, though many cats might agree. ~snicker~ I don't blame you at all for being wary when Chey growls. Good on Dakota for being so accepting. I like that there is a street named after him and he gets a break with other furry subjects for your mom to photograph. Hugs to all!


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