Sunday, May 31, 2020

Critter Gifts

Mom calls me her little sh_t.....
I had to leave a letter out cause
mom would not be happy if
I typed it all the way out but
I bet you get the picture!

She also tells me that with 
a face like this it is so hard
to get mad at me and stay 

Image may contain: cat

If you read a couple of post back
you would see where I have 
gifted mom with two lizards
by bringing them in the house.
She just does not seem happy
with my choice of gifts. 
She caught one and took 
it out, the other one mom 
was trying to catch and it ran
down the air vent. 

Yesterday though she kept saying
I needed to stop bringing
in critters in the house but
was still laughing the whole
time! You see my treat for 
mom yesterday was this....

 See the source image

Yesterday morning mom and Chey
were hanging on the deck and mom
missed me. She came looking for
me and saw me wanting to get up 
in the top of the closet. I do that all
the time but the jump from the 
dresser is not easy so mom put
me up there and left the room.
Later while on the deck still 
mom was wondering if I was
still in there so she came and 
found me sitting on the bed
looking up at the curtains. 
Mom shook them to prove that
there was nothing there and 
out flew the bird I brought
in that had gotten away and 
I had been stalking. It flew
back to closet only
this time mom did not
put me up there. 

We chased it through the 
house and mom almost
had it when I scared it again.
OFF IT WENT. It sure can
move fast. It went in the 
living room and we could not
find it. Mom said it would come
out again so we went to the deck.
I kept going back in to check 
on it. Mom came in once and 
realized that I found it again
and I was chasing it. Mom
closed off bedroom doors 
so it would not head that way
again. However, I lost it again.

I finally gave it up and went 
to the deck. I am not sure where
the bird went from there. It disappeared.

Mom could not understand how it flew
in the screened porch when she 
opened the door without 
her seeing it or how she
missed me grabbing it....
but hey maybe when she had
her eyes checked last week they
did not do a good job!!!

Lily Bit
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Hi bloggers, this is Mom....
yes, having a hard time
thinking that the wren got
on the deck when I went out the 
door without me seeing it. 
But the update on the bird is,
while Lily went to the deck and
hung out I sat in the living
room with the front door open.
I have a full length glass screen
so it flew to that. I heard it hit the
door so I moved over there slowly
and opened the screen allowing it
to move out.  Lily did spend 
several trips in the house looking
for the bird. Fooled her. 

Friday, May 29, 2020

Road Kill

The other day mom stopped
on her way to work for breakfast.

However sitting in drive thru
she almost decided that she
probably did not know if she
wanted to eat there.....

Image may contain: sky

But decided that maybe they
were not serving road kill and
it should be okay. 

BUT, the buzzard might be
having a hard time finding 
road kill so he was waiting to
see if anybody would throw
food out for him!


Wednesday, May 27, 2020

My New Spot


I love being up high and 
being on the deck....
Image may contain: indoor

I freaked mom out the other
day, she was moving things
around on the deck and she 
had NO CLUE I was up there

She moved things around
on the top shelve so 
I could have more room. 

I love it....


Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Pom Poms

HI....I love to play!
Basically I love for mom
to play with me.
We play chase and
hide and seek, I LOVE

I am not a ball playing
cat but mom found these
pom poms at Wally World
in the craft section. They are
small so I can pick them
up with my mouth and
they are light so I can slap
them around the floor.

No photo description available.

So much fun. Course
now mom has to keep
picking up pom poms
all over the place!


Monday, May 25, 2020

GAS and Kitten

Mom keeps asking this question....

Image may contain: dog, living room and indoor

Why does Chey always have to 
face that end towards mom when
she has GAS!!!

Great mom really rocks!
Oh no, that is not the great news,
the great news is this,
Image may contain: one or more people and cat

One of the feral babes will
have a new start in life.
A friend of moms wants this
one if it is a female but will
take an orange one if there is
one that is a female. Mom 
had to find out how to check
to see what is what...
She will go to Uncle Marks
next week to check the 
PARTS out.

They are still nursing but
also eating dry food but
mom figures at 4 weeks they
will be ready to move on 
to adoption. Mom is excited 
about this. She wants to find
them all a good home.

Lily Bit 

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Oh My, Lizard and Lily

OH MY...OH MY....OH MY....

That is what mom keeps saying
to Lily.

Friday while mom was 
 in the den
sorting, organizing and 
putting the craftroom 
together (nope, still not
all done), Lily came in 
and dropped this!!!

No photo description available.

Mom caught it and 
took it outside.

Then Saturday afternoon
mom saw Lily stalking 
something on the deck. 
Not thinking much about 
it mom fixed our lunch. 
Called to Lily however she
did not come so mom 
went looking. Found Lily
sitting in the bathroom, she
had been moving the scale
around looking for something.
Mom went in just in time
to see a lizard like yesterday
run down the vent.

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

I heard Lily say later
"Damn she let another one
get away"!!

Image may contain: cat has NO clue
where its at. I am sure that
if it decides to come out
the way it went in....Lily
will find it.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Cheating, Trixie and Kitten

Cat, kittens, dogs, 
puppies, pigs, and

Mom cheats on us
all the time!!!

Here is a pic I ran 
across on moms
computer. She has been
seeing Trixie on the 

She explained this pic
to me and said that
when she was
leaving the old house
Trixie met her, MEOWING
that she was hungry. 
Mom still had cat food
at the house and ran in 
to get home to feed her.
Mom said this was the 
last time she would 
feed Trix. 

Image may contain: cat and outdoor

Mom said there are feral
cakes that live in the bushes
behind the new house. I have
not seen them myself. 
Mom also told me about the 
feral babe that did not make
it the other day. She had already
decided that if the kitten made
it she was bringing it home 
to adopt it to give it a better
start on life.....

It might have been run
to have another kitten.
I guess now that I think 
about it, that its an okay
thing mom loves all those


Friday, May 22, 2020

Loud Bugs

Mom said that Lily Bit and I would 
not be happy about this....

She said these critters are
loud. They have been living
under the ground for 17 yrs and 
due to start popping out all over.

Mom said she saw two already.

OH NO....Lily and I might just
stay in.


Thursday, May 21, 2020

The Kitten and Bugs

My moms heart was breaking yesterday.
Here and the boys (her younger grandsons)
went to Uncle Mark and Aunt Kim's 
house so the boys could see the kittens.

Mom and the boys walked up
to see one kitten just laying there.
Mom grabbed it up and knocked 
on the house door. Aunt Kim has
been working from home. She got
on the phone and started calling vets
to get the kitten in. Mom told her
to call Elm Hill and talk with 
Amber (Amber is moms daughter).
Amber said bring it in.

Braden sat in the the backseat
with the kitten in his lap
and never took his eyes off
that babe. He kept reporting
to mom that it was still

Amber (the boys mom) 
came out and got the baby. 
In about ten mins Amber
text to say that it was 
dehydrated and jaundice
from fleas. Its body temp
was so low that they could
not even get a reading. 
Amber put it on a heating
pad and gave it warm 
fluids and Nutrical to boost
its gluccose.

Amber kept texting mom
and mom would text 
aunt Kim who was having
to say home and work but
was crying cause she was so 
upset for this babe. Amber
text to say the temp was
up to 98 (normal 101-102.5).
Mom sent Kim a message and 
just as she did Amber called.
Mom knew by her calling it
was not good. They lost that
sweet little babe.
Image may contain: cat

It was an orange babe
like one of these above.
That is mom and two 
orange babes. There were
four orange ones and 
just one that looked like 
the mom. BELOW.
Image may contain: one or more people and cat

Mom wanted to send a 
message out to Dr King
and Amber for trying to save
that little babe. Dr King did not
charge Aunt Kim for anything that
was done yesterday. On the flip 
side mom told me that Dr King
did not charge mom for helping
Dakota to go to sleep either. 

Anyway the verdict on the little
fur was that all this came about
due to fleas. They will suck out
the blood and fluids from small
babes like this. Mom said it was
a given that this baby was the 
runt even. Mom got the babe
from Amber and took it to 
uncle Mark to be buried. At the 
same time Dr Kings office sent
flea meds to treat the other four.
One tube would treat one cat
but cause of the size one tube
would do two kittens. They sent
syringes along also to make
things easier. 

When mom got to their house
she opened a tube and squired the
meds in a drink top to be able
to suck up half the meds so 
she could apply them.
OOPS...then came the hard
part, getting them from under
Marks storage trailer, out of 
the ice chest homes made for 
them and past the mom. Mom
was alone, no one home. 

The mom stood and watched
but let mom do  what she needed
to do. She slide a ice chest out
and had to cover her arm with
a jacket, dumped a babe out 
and held it and loved on it before
applying the meds. Mom got 
two done and Mark came home
so he helped to catch the other
two and mom put meds on them.
Over an hour but the babes are
now protected. The cat mom was glad 
to see mom leave. But maybe the 
babes will be fine now. 

Yesterday before finding the 
kitten we went to the old
house and mom saw this...

Image may contain: plant, outdoor and nature

In the front yard.
It is a hatched nest of 
Box Elder bugs...
all babies and tons
of them.....YUCK.

Thank you for coming 
over the read what Chey
and I write about.

Lily Bit...

Monday, May 18, 2020

Getting In Bed

Sunday night I was getting
ready for bed!
Wondering what I am standing on?
Well you see, mom's bed is really,
really high up there. Lily Bit has 
no issues jumping up but me and
my belly do so mom fixed Dakota
and I this thing to help....

Image may contain: indoor

Its a small adjustable table
that belonged to my other
Mainstays 26" Personal Black Folding Tables, 4 Count

You can move the legs
to adjust the has
it set low enough I can jump
up on it and then over on the bed.
Course she has a rug at the base
of it to give me leverage and 
one on top to keep me from
slipping off.

While I was posing on 
my table Lily Bit was
already in bed and had
been asleep till we came

Image may contain: cat and indoor

Isn't she just so cute!

Funny quotes about sleeping, especially designed for lazy people. Designed in Adobe illustrator. Click the link to visit my Instagram account.

Chey Anna Bella

More Lock Down Animals, and Extinct Animals

Hi its me Lily Bit....
Chey did a blog on
animals seen during
lock down. I wanted
to do it too but I only
found two.

Raccoon in New York
A raccoon walks in an almost-deserted Central Park in New York on 16 April.

Coyote in San Francisco

A coyote in San Francisco, March 2020, sent in by reader Charles Linder Photo: Charlers Linder / @linderisms

But mom was telling me about
this rare blue calamintha bee.

A blue calamintha bee specimen at the Florida State Collection of Arthropods collected in 2002.

It has been spotted in Florida. It
was believed to be extinct since

The Javan Tiger.
Believed to be gone in
1978 after years of being
hunted by humans.

See the source image

In 2017 a ranger spotted
a Javan Tiger in the wild.

The Japanese Otter
See the source image

On August 28, 2012, the Japanese
river otter was officially declared extinct.
In researching it has been found that the Japanese
River Otter is indeed gone.

Wild Boarlets Born in Donegal Believed to be First in Ireland in 800 Years

See the source image

Bridled nail-tail wallabie

Two animals that look like brown kangaroos lying on the ground next to a log.

These were last sighted in 1937

and located again in 1973.
This has been fun learning about these animals.

Lilly Bit

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Animals that Come out to Play on Lockdown

 Mom said that all around the 
world ANIMALS have come
out to play when the humans
went on lockdown.....

We have done a post like
this before but doing more

HEY....I think LILY and 
I have been on lockdown 
we have not been able to 
get out and play.

Monkeys in Ahmedabad


Goats in Llandudno

Goats Roam Welsh Town As Coronavirus Lockdown Empties Its Streets

Deer in Nara

Tourism In Japan Plagued By The Coronavirus Outbreak

Geese in Adana

Coronavirus precautions in Turkey

Deer in Sri Lanka


Peacocks in Dubai


Seabirds in Venice


Pumas in Santiago


And with that pic....
I have to say that I am glad that 
Lily is not that big.


Friday, May 15, 2020

Fits Perfect

Oh mom.....

my sister is just so 
Image may contain: cat 

And she just fits perfect
on the rails of the deck. 

lol...I don't know what
I would do if Lily laid
like this on me.

(from pinterest)



Thursday, May 14, 2020

Loving on Me

I really wished mom would
stop loving on me....
unless of course it is 
4 am and I want it.

Image may contain: cat and indoor 

Image may contain: indoor

Lily Bit

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

TN Safari Park

Hi everyone......

I don't know what mom's 
thing is with animals...
she seems to love them 

She says she wants 
to go to the TN Safari Park
and see all those animals. 

Check out this link.

Parakeet Landing

I just hope she don't bring 
any of these animals home
with her. 

Lily Bit

Queen of the Back of the Chair

Misty seems to think she is queen of the  back of the new chair.   Well, I have news for her... never mind, I can't get up there anyway....