Friday, July 31, 2020

Whale, Kitten in Fridge, Lily Chilling

Mom thought this was beautiful.

Image may contain: text that says 'J35, Sep 2019 J35, July 2020 SR3 NOAA/ SEA NMFS Perit# Permit 19091'
(photo from FB)

Two years ago, Tahlequah the Orca carried 
her dead calf for 17 days, pushing the small
 body up with her nose and preventing it from 
sinking. For 1,000 miles. Now, NOAA drone 
images show she is pregnant again.

Not just the story but the heart on
her back. Amazing.

I was sitting on the couch with
mom the other night and she saw
this pic below on FB. She said
she sure was glad that Lily
did not go that.

Image may contain: indoor

But since I LOVE to eat, she
glad even more that I did not
do it.

Mom and I were watching tv
that same night and Lily came in 
the room to be with us. She got
on the chair to view the us!
Image may contain: people sitting, cat and indoor

Image may contain: cat and indoor

Then mom said she was sending
us kitty kisses. 


This is definitely on the dog funny quotes list.  Great dog quote!


Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Visitor Gone, Ferals

I know mom was getting 
tired and even though
she loves all the critters
she was taking care of...
she is glad Mark and 
Kim are home.

They came home on Monday
but mom kept Zu till Tuesday
morn. She kept Zu another night
so that Smokey could hang
out last night with Mark
and Kim, roaming the 
house. Someone on here
stated they could not 
wait to hear about Smokey
roaming the house. 
Mark and Kim knew cause
mom texted them and let
them know...haha

Here is Zu giving mom
loving last night.

Image may contain: 1 person, cat and indoor, text that says '俥'

Mom loves this cat.
I don't know why she is 
a witch mom said.

This is one of last yrs litter
from momma cat. This one
was too little to be fixed last
yr so mom and uncle Mark
are going to catch him, his
brother, momma cat and hopefully
the kittens from the new litter
to have them fixed next week.

Image may contain: plant, cat, outdoor and nature

Isn't he pretty?

This is the feral Maine Coon.
Image may contain: cat and outdoor

Mom says she loves him too.

Kim and Mark named him that cause
last yr he had the whole side of his
face scared  up. Someone must have
catch him and took him in cause he
was gone for a bit and when he came
back he was healed.

Image may contain: cat

He don't come around much
but since he is the only orange
cat and the kittens are orange
he is prob the baby daddy!!

So....time to do some catching!
Seven cats need fixing!

Check out this pic mom found
on the internet.

I am glad that cat in the den,
Zu is gone home.

Lily Bit

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Roaming Wild and Not Roaming Wild

Mom said she is wearing out
and will be glad when Mark
and Kim come back to town
tomorrow. BUT, she also says
how much she loves the critters. 

I think we explained 
that they
have three indoor cats.
Zu, that is staying
 with us. But
normally roams the house.
Becky, has the roam of 
the house also.
Then there is Smokey. 
He came 
to live with them after living
outside their place about
6 months. Like Becky it 
was a given that he had been
someones pet so Mark and 
Kim brought him in. He lives
in one bedroom cause Zu will
not allow him to come out. She
jumps him every time.

Image may contain: cat

Well, mom told Kim that she 
might had done an OOPS. 
Cause she has been letting 
Smokey out to roam the house.
He is normally an inside outside
cat but mom thinks he should just
be indoors but with that he would
never be able to roam or run in 
one room. He has enjoyed his
time out. Mom will hang at the
house for 30 to 45 mins while
he enjoys his time. 

So with that mom might
have started something. She
said he refused to look at her
(pic above) when she told him
he needed to go to his room.

Mom has suggested that maybe
part of the day Zu stay in the room
and Smokey roam then 
change it up.
Or do it on different days.... you might have
messed up!

As for Lily and I, of course
we are spoiled. We have the 
roam of the house. Well, Lily
more then me. You see 
mom keeps
a baby gate at the top of the 
stairs and the guest room cause
if she is not here and I don't want
to hold what I need to do, I go to
those two rooms. Mom stopped
that really fast. Now she puts 
pads down if she is going to
be away for a bit. 

Lily however she can just
walk through the bars on 
the stair rails to go down
stairs and she jumps over
the one to the guest room. 

Mom keeps telling me that 
Lily needs to teach me how
to go to the bathroom in 
that BOX! Really?

Here is a pic of Lily and 
I veggie out with mom 
on the couch Saturday 
Image may contain: dog and indoor

I guess I am pretty lucky,
mom says that some dogs sleep
outside at night.


Monday, July 27, 2020

First Kitty Love

I am not really hard how
I feel about this but 
mom says that Zuzu 
is her first kitty love!

Here is mom laying down
in the den with Zu getting
some special loving.

Image may contain: people sitting and cat

Image may contain: one or more people

Mom says she eats this up cause
I will not love on her like this!
But on the flip side I am only
part Tortie and not full like 
Zu, I don't turn WITCHY on
a dime!

Mom says that she can be loving
on Zu and BAM she turns!

I rather be me and not be so
loving, cause at least I know
I have never hissed at my mom,
or slapped at her.

Happy to be ME,
Lily Bit

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Bubba Leroy

As if mom hasn't gone off
the deep in with so many
cats in her life right now
she went to visit a friend
and her cat, Bubba Leroy!

Image may contain: cat and indoor

Image may contain: cat and indoor

I feel so out numbered.


Saturday, July 25, 2020

The Cats...Everywhere

Oh mom has been so busy....
really busy.

Not only is she caring for
Chey, Zu and me at the house
she is also been going in the
morning and the evening to
feed at Mark's house.

Here is who she is feeding

This is Smokey. Mom says
he is a sweet and loving guy.
Image may contain: cat and indoor

Image may contain: cat and indoor

Below is Becky.

Image may contain: cat

And this is just some of
the feral.

Image may contain: cat

This is one of the new
babes born in the spring.
Like her mom, bob tailed.

Image may contain: cat

Two of the babes.

Image may contain: outdoor

That is mama cat with the only
babe that looks almost like her.
Image may contain: cat

Mama cat had five babes. One
did not make it. Three are orange
and this one is a gray color like
mama. Two orange ones have
bob tails, the one like mom
has a bob tail and one orange
has a regular tail. This one in
the pic with mom is a male.
Mom said it was easy to tell with no tail, its
a tell tell sign! haha
Two orange look like female
and the one with the tail...
no clue. has been
hopping around.

Lily Bit

Friday, July 24, 2020

Our Visitor

Well we have had a visitor 
since Monday morning staying
at our house, living in our
den. Her name is Zuzu.

Image may contain: cat

Mom said Zuzu is the reason she
has Lily. Zu is moms first cat love.
She was found under a shed, 3 weeks
old. She is about five now. 

Mom fed her with a bottle and
she belongs to mom's brother, Mark.
Mark and Kim have gone to Fla. 
and since Zu rules and picks on 
their other cat Becky, mom said
she could come stay in the 

No photo description available.

Mom goes down and plays with her
through the day. Mom tried to introduce
Zu to Lily. Zu hissed really big at Lily
so she wants nothing do with Zu. 

No photo description available.

Not only is mom caring for Zu, 
she is going everyday, twice a day 
to Mark's house to feed. She feeds
Becky and Smokey in the house and 
ten feral cats outside. 

That is on top of taking care
of Lily and I also. 
My mom loves animals.


Monday, July 20, 2020

Cool, Tortie and Cave Crickets

Oh mom it is so hot
outside but....this
is really cool!

Image may contain: cat and indoor

Mom read this on FB, and 
laughed. She shared it with 
her SIL who has a Tortie!

Image may contain: text that says 'did you know? 'Tortitude' is a real thing. Studies show multicolored, female cats, such as tortoiseshell and calico, are more likely to have a feisty or aggressive attitude toward humans. PHOTO:ISTOCK 3 DIDYOUKNOWFACTS.COM'

Mom also told her that
Zuzu was full Tortie and 
thank goodness that I was only
1/2 Tortie.

I missed this

Image may contain: shoes and outdoor

Cause mom don't let me in the 
garage that much but I would
have had a ball hunting cave

Wow, I missed that fun.

Lily Bit

Sunday, July 19, 2020

The Lizard

I keep my mom hopping!
The other day she walked thru
the hall and saw me sitting in 
the floor looking under the 
liner closet door.

She knew, she knew that I 
had to have brought something
in. She was right!!

A baby lizard came onto
the deck and I caught it
and brought it in to play
with. Only it got away
and ran into the liner

Mom took everything out
but I knew it was in the box.

No photo description available.

I could SMELL it. 
But I never did find it.
I looked and looked
for it for an hour.

No photo description available.

I have no clue where it went.

Lily Bit

Note from mom~
Yes, Lily Bit did bring
another lizard into the house.
If you are counting this is 3!
It was in the box but while she was
checking the closet I shook
it out, put a cup over it, slid
a piece of paper under the cut
and took the little babe outside. 

Yes, I blew her mind again cause
she looked and looked for 
that lizard for a while. 
This makes a frog rescue
when I lived here before
buying the house. It had come
in on moms plants that I took
to the den before fall. Lily found
it in the winter months. This is the
one that I put in the bathroom 
so Lily could not get it cause
I knew it would not survive if
I moved him out. But come spring
I put him out. 

Then Lily had brought two 
big lizards in since we moved
here. One was a rescue that 
Lily did not know I took out.
One was not a rescue, it went
down the vent in the bathroom

There was the bird rescue
and then yesterdays rescue.
She has to stop bringing
critters in! haha....

Thanks for checking 
on the babes!


Friday, July 17, 2020

Hot, Hot, and more Hot

Yesterday it was really
I tried the deck 
several times but
I usually ended up here.

Image may contain: dog and indoor

Mom went looking for me and 
found me and Chey
in the bed. Cause
I spent most
of the day here, the
bed did not get made. 

HAHA...its really
out on the deck again
today. Mom just ran me
indoors, said it was
way to hot to be out.
I went back to bed only
mom beat me to it, and 
she made it this morn.
Oh well, stay cool.

Lily Bit

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Early to Rise, Nap to Come

Yesterday morn Lily did her
regular wake up call for mom.
I stayed in bed.

Mom got up at 5:45 with Lily Bit
and she did what she normally
does and laid back on the couch.
That is where I found her a little
later. And I curled up next to her.

Around 7:30 Lily Bit came in 
off the deck and curled up
too for a nap.

Image may contain: dog and indoor

Not sure what that look she
is giving me is all about but
hey....we napped a bit and
mom got up.


Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The Special Spot

This is my special spot on 
the deck. 

Mom keeps it cleared of stuff
so I can go up there and lay.

Image may contain: indoor

Mom was sitting out with me 
till the heat kicked in (9:45). She
says it makes her stitches itch and
it is going to be a really HOT day
today. If it gets too hot I will go
in also. But right now, mom has
a fan on, and its blowing right
on me!

Okay, yes, I admit it, I 
am spoiled!

Right before mom went in 
she took another pic of
me in my fave spot.

No photo description available.

Hoping you all stay cool,
maybe your mom will 
put a fan on you!

Lily Bit

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Sunday, July 12, 2020


Mom apparently checked the 
deck and realized I was not
out there so she came
to the guest room checked on 

I was comfy!!!

Image may contain: table and indoor

Mom finds it funny that my
back half is laying on my back,
but the front half is laying on 
my side! All twisted up!

I usually nap in the guest
room and some nights
I start out in here at 
bedtime. I was not happy
about having Amber and 
Will sleeping on my bed
the other night but its okay
I guess, cause they are gone now.

Lily Bit

Saturday, July 11, 2020

The BOYS and Amber

Hey Chey here...
Mom got a quick shot of 
me licking my face yesterday 

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoor

She was waiting for Amber to come
take her off somewhere. 
You see when I was just a baby
Amber adopted me.
I lived with her for about
three years maybe. I actually
had some babies of my own
when I lived there.
But my mom, my other mom
before this mom let me live
with her when Amber moved
to an apartment. 

The two younger boys, 
Braden and DJ were just
babies themselves when I 
lived with them. But I loved
Caleb and Amber the best!
Amber, Will and the boys
all stayed with us yesterday
when she got home, stayed the
night and most of the day today.
I was thrilled to see them.

Lily however was not happy.
She had NO RUNNING fit
last night, her and mom did 
not play hide and seek and she
tried her best to stay away
from Braden, who is a big
animal lover and could not 
understand why Lily would not
let him hold her.

Image may contain: indoor

She is so happy to have them gone!!!


Friday, July 10, 2020

Morning at the House

This is how mom's morning usually

Lily will wake her around 5:00,
5:30, sometimes 6. she either does
it sitting at the side of moms bed 
with a meow. Other days she will
jump up on the other side of the bed
and run across mom. Either way, mom
gets up.

Most days mom getting up is 
her rolling out of the bed and 
standing there a min to adjust
and getting her body to play
pretty. While this is taking place
Lily sets at the bedroom door waiting.
Mom walks to the door and Lily 
takes off walking in front of her.

When they are in the hall lily
turns to the bathroom figuring
that will be moms first stop.
She waits.

Leaving that room they finish 
the last little bit before the 
two steps going to the living room.
Around the stairs to the dining
room and to the stand where
Lily's dry food is kept. 

Lily jumps up there
and head butts the container
where the food is stored.
Even though food is in the
bowl Lily being a cat requires
it to be filled. So mom does that.
While Lily is TESTING the 
dry food, mom unlocks the 
back door, checks to be sure
the deck screen is shut and 
locked and she leaves the 
door slightly open. 

Mom then heads to the 
couch. Curls up with a 
throw and turns on 
the local news. Not sue
why she turns on the TV
cause she is asleep really

I have seen all this before but
lately I wait a bit before I 
jump down from the bed. 
When I do, I head to the 
couch with mom. Lily is 
normally on the deck by 
this time.

Then around seven Lily
is tired of deck time and she
usually comes in and curls
up with mom and I.

Pic below was taken Wed.
when mom woke up with 
Lily Bit coming to lay
with us. She had laid
down with her phone so 
she had it with her. I actually
think that camera is part of
moms body!

Image may contain: dog and indoor

I am comfy on my end of the couch.
Lily is curled up behind moms legs
and laying on moms foot. Know 
wonder that woke mom cause 
NO ONE touches moms feet!

Normally after the seven am 
(second wake up call) mom 
gets up and moving. Lily 
gets up also and she goes in 
and out all day!

This is morning life
at the Jackson's home.

CheyAnna Bella

Queen of the Back of the Chair

Misty seems to think she is queen of the  back of the new chair.   Well, I have news for her... never mind, I can't get up there anyway....