Friday, April 30, 2021

Lazy Butts


Mom has been having some 
off days with her
neck and head from
Misty and I was trying
to keep her company and
she called us 
Lazy Butts!

But we were curled up
on the couch with 


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Beauty Contest


HI...its me, Lily Bit. 
The other day mom was
going through some boxes that
belong to her niece Holly.
These boxes never got out 
of the house before we 
moved in and Holly had
yet to come and go 
through them. So mom
did. She took pics of all the
stuff in the boxes and sent them
to Holly.

Holly then told mom what 
she wanted to keep. 
The rest is being marked
and put aside for a yard sale.

Anyway, in the process of taking
pics, I had to 
jump in and 

But then again, I had
perfect timing on 
the right photo.
Its a trophy for
a beauty 
Mom said I won over


Needing Some Loving


On Tuesday I knew mom
needed special attention.
So, I gave it to her.

Mom was not feeling up 
to par. She was having
to use that machine
she sticks to her
back. So while
she laid on the couch

Trying to feel better.
I curled up in her arms,
on her chest and 
took a nap.

Apparently, I did a lot of flipping
but mom thanked me for
the sweet loving and said
it helped her to feel better.
I am glad I could help.

Misty River

Monday, April 26, 2021

To Big for Me


Mom said this is a cow.
She looks like she is 

But she let mom photograph her.
She however, moved over
and was not at all happy when
mom went to photograph the

One babe.

Another babe. 

Those babes even look
to big for me to play
with !




 TWINS! they are not!
WOW...that is a horse and a dog!!

When mom showed me this pic 
she took at her nieces house
I thought I was looking at
twins. I was so wrong.

Its a dog and its horse,
no wait,
its a horse and its dog!

Looks like a great place
to run and play.


Sunday, April 25, 2021

Play Center and The View


Brian, you and your pals need
to check this out!!!
A friend of mom's tagged
her on FB with this
picture telling her
that we needed this!

WOW....if there was a place to
put something like this!
It is made out of an
old entertainment center.
We have one of those, not
like this one but mom has
plans for ours. 

Mom was out in the other
part of town the other
day and she was driving
down the road when
she saw this...

haha....its that cute.
Mom turned around and 
went back by to take
a pic of him/her.

That is one way to keep the 
fence links out of 
view when watching
folks travel up and down
the road.

Lily Bit

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Cage and Nap Time

 Why? The cats that live

here, have it made on 
the deck!

The other morning, Lily and 
Misty got mom up before
five am. Then at 11:30
mom was leaving the house
to run errands....

and this is how she found

Oh well, at least she did not 
have to round the cats up
to make them come in.


Thursday, April 22, 2021

Laser Pointer

 Mom said that she has created a monster!

A kitty monster!
How did she do that?
I used to have a toy that 
I loved
played out, but the 
other day mom picked
up another one.
A red laser pointer.

Now, the days of not
being able to locate me
cause I have gone off some
where in the house, are gone.
I sit in front of her
looking at mom....
drilling a hole into

Mom even tried to hide 
behind the laptop, she peeked
out and saw this.

I love my toy. I have
always loved that toy.
But mom says that having
to play every five mins
after stopping the last play
is crazy!

Have you ever played with 
a cat and a laser

Lily Bit

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Those Big Birds and Gigi

I have never been out to the place 

that mom calls the wedding venue. 

Not sure I would want to go if

those birds are that big.

Mom said that the one above is
strutting to the music in 
her head. 

This one below is

He makes a strange sound. Mom
let me listen
to one on the computer.
He is loud.

This is Gigi. 
She don't look it here but
mom told me that she
is bigger then Chey.
I wanted to go meet her
and her older sister but
mom said they might have
me for lunch since
they have never been
around cats before. 

Plus Gigi is not very old
and I have been told that
young dogs have
a lot of energy. 

Maybe I will just stay
home and enjoy life

Misty River

Lily's Deck Life


I know that Misty told you about
her deck life but I 
am here to also share
info about the deck.

Like Misty, I like
watching the birds.
Thanks mom for putting
the birdfeeder up for
us. Actually it is always
up and since we don't
do the deck in the winter mom
hangs the feeder outside the 
living room window so 
we can see the birds.

See I was watching that one
so close my head had
to follow it when it
flew off.

In the pic below I am
looking out into the 
unknown cause mom was
pointing that camera thingy 
at me.

I love deck life.
Its so much fun.


Sunday, April 18, 2021

Deck Life

I have really learned
to love
the deck.

It is a really
great place to bird
watch. Mom has a feeder
on a hook right outside the
deck so I have a great view
of them.

I have also learned that
mom don't like me 
climbing in the screens.
I have stopped doing that.

The day of my surgery when 
mom brought me home
I laid out on the 
glider and napped.

Its just really nice
out there.



Mad Look

Yep, I really do not like having
my pic made!
This is my mad look!



Comfy Bed


This is my bed.
It is nice and comfy and it 
stays on the end of moms bed.
 I sleep good here.


Friday, April 16, 2021

Surgery and Eyes

   Its my time to blog today and

I can tell you that in the 
above pic I was not 
happy at all.

Mom had me in this thing and 
took me in the car.
I was not sure what she
was telling me about going
to the vet and having
my thingy clipped.
Now I understand.
Mom picked me up and got
me home, she said I was staggering like
a drunk little kitten and
then when she snapped me pic
she said I looked like I 
was high.

Moving on......
mom showed me this pic
the other night. She was 
showing the difference
in my eyes.
Pic below is about 3 weeks old.
They were baby blue.

Now look at them. 

Okay, time for me to go
nap again....been sleeping
a lot since mom got 
me home.



Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Memes about Cats, and a Story about Me


Mom says that my purr is 
amazing. She says it makes
her smile and makes her
so happy. 

You do know that I picked
my mom, right?

She picked me after I picked
her. She was handed one
of my sisters but she kept
looking at me once I made
that contact, so she took
me home. She says that 
she is totally, totally
glad she did.
Mom loves me. 
I have a sister kitten
and a sister dog.
I miss my brother dog,
Dakota though. I 
really loved him. 


Sunday, April 11, 2021

Visitor to the Yard and My Sis


Mom walked out in the yard
Saturday morning after
the rains and 
look what she found.

Don't I have a pretty

Check out those eyes!
Misty is really sweet
to me but sometimes
she jumps on 
my back when I walk


Sleeping Here and There


I was sleeping on the deck
the other day. Wow...
it felt so nice outside.

But on Sat. morning I wanted

She finally had to wake me cause
she had to get ready
for a couple of
weddings she was


Deck Chilling


Chilling on the deck the 
other day. 

I have always loved being on 
the deck and Misty
seems to have taken
to it too. 

Its been really nice out 


Friday, April 9, 2021

Wanting to Play

 Opps, Mom said I needed to know and understand
that when Lily rolls on her back 

like this, she wantst to play.

Aw mom, I will try and remember.


Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty