Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Memes about Cats, and a Story about Me


Mom says that my purr is 
amazing. She says it makes
her smile and makes her
so happy. 

You do know that I picked
my mom, right?

She picked me after I picked
her. She was handed one
of my sisters but she kept
looking at me once I made
that contact, so she took
me home. She says that 
she is totally, totally
glad she did.
Mom loves me. 
I have a sister kitten
and a sister dog.
I miss my brother dog,
Dakota though. I 
really loved him. 



  1. Those were fun and you are so, so sweet Lily!

  2. We all miss Dakota. He was truly a king among dogs. I'm glad you found your sweet family, Lily.

  3. You are very special Lily Bit. I had a horse call Hi-Lily and she was also nicknamed Lily Bit. She was also very special. Diane


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