Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Those Big Birds and Gigi

I have never been out to the place 

that mom calls the wedding venue. 

Not sure I would want to go if

those birds are that big.

Mom said that the one above is
strutting to the music in 
her head. 

This one below is

He makes a strange sound. Mom
let me listen
to one on the computer.
He is loud.

This is Gigi. 
She don't look it here but
mom told me that she
is bigger then Chey.
I wanted to go meet her
and her older sister but
mom said they might have
me for lunch since
they have never been
around cats before. 

Plus Gigi is not very old
and I have been told that
young dogs have
a lot of energy. 

Maybe I will just stay
home and enjoy life

Misty River


  1. Better you stay in your area and let the pups stay in theirs. You never want to be anyone's lunch.

    have a purrfect day, Misty River. Scritches to your siblings and my best to your mom. ♥

  2. Those are some nice critters and I think staying home is a great idea!


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