Thursday, April 30, 2020

Telling Time and Head Bopping

Mom seems to laugh so 
much when I am around.

Here it was 2:10 and I
run in the kitchen,
jump up on my perch
where I eat and just
look at her. She started
laughing again and 
said okay, I know I am 
ten mins late. Dinner is

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Sometimes we have
to remind mom exactly
what time it is. Dakota
was the best,  he usually
started reminding mom
about 30 mins before time
so it would be ready right
at 2:00.

Talking about laughing
I need to tell you about
what I did the other night.
Mom laughed so hard
she was doubled over

Anyway, mom did not
get a pic of what I did
so you have to just 
follow me when I tell

Mom was in the upstairs
bathroom brushing her
teeth. I ran in and jumped
in the tub, hiding 
behind the curtain.
Mom was on the other
side of that shower
curtain when she 
started our game...
"where's Lily, I can't
find Lily"? At this
point I usually jump
out at her with a low
meow. Only this time
Chey came in the room
and stopped by the tub. 
I jumped up out of my
hunting position and leaned
over the side of the tub, 
bopping Chey right on the 
top of the head. 

MOM lost it....
laughing so hard.
Before she could say
anything I did the same
thing again! Oh mom 
was doubled over 
laughing harder. Chey
just looked at her and
turned and left the 
room. I jumped from 
the tub and ran 
after her!!!

It was FUN.

Lily Bit

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Eastern Bluebird

Mom was excited
yesterday to see this
little bird. Lily gets
excited when she
sees birds too. 

Mom said that my
other mom loved these
kinds of birds.

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She calls them Eastern
Bluebirds. I saw them a
lot when I lived here before.
They come every year.
I heard mom tell Amber
that these were my other
mom's fave bird. She also
told Amber that she
felt so good seeing them
again and thinking
of her mom.
I didn't know this?
Chey Anna

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Clouded Leopard

Mom was reading some
stuff to me from 
FB. She read about
this Leopard which 
is a distant cousin 
of mine. 

Extinct’ Clouded Leopard

Spotted for the First 

Time in 37 Years in Taiwan

The article said~
Excessive logging drove 
these clouded
leopards from the 
foothills of 
Southeast Asia 
to the upper 
parts of the Yushan 
Mountain Range.

The further up 
they were 
pushed, the less 
they were 
seen. The sightings 
become so rare, 
that in 2013, they were 
declared extinct.

However, over the 
last few years, 
according to locals 
in the Paiwan
tribe, this precious 
cat has been 
seen more and 

Wow, that is a pretty

Lily Bit

Friday, April 24, 2020

Dogs Tied Up and Snoopy

Mom really dislikes seeing
dogs tied up. Actually she
is not crazy about seeing
dogs that live outside, either
tied or in a fence. 

But she said this was
amazing for dogs
that are tied up 
outside and tend
to get wrapped
around whatever
they are tied too.

Image may contain: grass, outdoor and nature
(pick from PINTEREST)

She said it is so simple,
yet perfect and wonders
why she did not think about
it for all those dogs that stay
tied up.

I was sitting next to her
when she saw SNOOPY. 
(pic from PINTEREST)
No photo description available.

She said Snoopy did not
look happy have to wear
a mask and bathe with soap.

I have to say, I would not
be happy either esp if
there is water and soap

CheyAnna Bella

Good Stretch

Hi Bloggers!

You know, there is nothing
better then a 
S T R E T C H..........................

Image may contain: people sitting and cat

Image may contain: dog, shoes and outdoor

Image may contain: cat

Of course, mom takes pics
of things of everything
I do! In these pics I was
up on the ledge and
she came out to check
on me, I decided to
jump down and
do my stretch!

So while mom listens
to the news I have heard
a lot of things. 
WILD animals have
been coming out of the
trees and woods into
areas they don't normally
go due to people being 
locked up at home and 
staying DISTANT. 

Saw one video on 
the boob tube where
a jelly fish could be
seen swimming in 
the canal in Italy 
where the water is
normally to polluted
to see those things.

Check out these BIG
cats. This pic came
from the internet but
it was taken in 
South Africa’s popular 
Kruger National Park.

Wild animals are reclaiming cities and streets during coronavirus lockdown

But look at this pic also
from the internet.

Coyotes in the streets
in San Francisco Calif.

Jaguars in Mexico
roaming around.

Monkeys in the streets
of Thailand. 

This is taking place
all over the world. 

Mom said she even
read that the whales
and dolphins have
moved back into 
areas they have not 
been in in years!

I am just glad that 
I have not looked
out from the 
deck to see one
of those BIG 

Lily Bit

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Pretty Girl

My mom says
I am a pretty girl...

so I struck a pose!

 Image may contain: cat, plant, tree, outdoor and nature


I was actually looking
at a hanging potted

Lily Bit

Do You See Me total accident
I found a new spot to
squeeze into!

This is the cedar chest mom
turned into a coffee table.
I just walked by and thought,
WOW....a new spot!

No photo description available.

Can you see me?

Now you can. I 
am under it and mom
stuck that camera thing
down to get a shot of

Image may contain: cat

Mom says that she
don't have a fur
that will lay in 
her lap.....

Lily Bit

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Tent

At the end of last week
mom was having to 
cover up her herbs
cause it got so cold.

Image may contain: people sitting, shoes and outdoor

In the morning she
would take the cover off
and drape it over the
deck table and plant
stand. She does
that so I can have
a tent!

No photo description available.

Mom takes such good
care of us.

Lily Bit

Monday, April 20, 2020

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Mom and I

Not a fan of having 
my pic made but
mom wanted a pic
of the two of us.

Image may contain: one or more people and dog

It did not stop there.

Image may contain: dog

Mom seems to love 
to take pics of Lily
and I.
No photo description available.

This time it was just me,
Lily was in bed napping.

No photo description available.

Mom says if she gets
bored she might
paint my nails.

I heard that mom.

Image may contain: people sitting and indoor

And I don't like it.

Image may contain: dog and indoor

Its time mom went back to


Friday, April 17, 2020


Hi...its me Lily Bit.........................

I think I have that thing
called depression. 
Mom says that is what
she thinks is going on.

I still play, mom and I 
just finished chase a
bit ago this morn. But
through the day I find
I am sleeping more and
mom has gotten on me 
cause I am not eating 
Image may contain: cat and indoor
As much as
I love the deck, I don't
even hang out there 
as much as I used to.

I miss my brother. 
It has finally hit me
that he is not coming
back. Mom explained
that he was sick and 
as much as we loved
him and wanted to keep
him with us, he had to
go away. 

No photo description available.

Course mom wants to just
love on me and you know,
I let her for a few seconds 
but that is not my thing. I
rather just roam around, 
go off by myself...and 
be alone. That is not
a Dakota thing, I have
always done that.
But I am nice to mom,
I allow her to hold me,
hug me and love on 
me....for a few seconds,
we I show resistance 
she lets me down. I love
her for that.

Lily Bit

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Chilling and the Square

Monday night chilling!

No photo description available.

Mom said that we are ruining
that cushion on the couch. 
Course Dakota started it when
he was sick but she don't say
anything about that...

Anyway.... Mom said that
someone tagged her on a 
a post on fb, about taping
a square on the floor. Something
about if you do it a cat will
sit in it. HAHA
Image may contain: outdoor

Mom taped a square on 
the deck and NO Lily did
not sit in it. Mom says 
that Lily don't know she
is a cat, since she has
been raised with dogs.

AND NO...I did not
sit in the square either.


Wednesday, April 15, 2020

My Human, and Pinterest

Hi...its me Lily Bit....
I saw this on PINTEREST
while mom was scrolling
though it. 
So true.
I need to do this.
Starting now...

Image may contain: one or more people and cat

Oh wait, that's me in there
also. Mom was going out
the french doors and I was
watching from the top 
of the bookcase. there
is my silly human

We also found these
cute pics.

I bid you good day sir! I said good day!!

15 Cats That Got Stuck In The Weirdest Places - Rantpets | I'm sure it seemed like a great idea at the time. I think cats see these small & weird places that they may or may not fit into as a challenge & cats will never, ever walk away from a challenge. Just not possible. It's it their DNA.
Lily Bit

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

New Hole

Mom walked in the bedroom
today and asked me what I 
was doing when she saw me 
standing on my back legs 
looking in this hole.

 Image may contain: indoor

I have NEVER noticed this
hole before.

So you know what I did....
I checked it out.
No photo description available.

Then I went out the other

WOW....that was cool.

Lily Bit

Monday, April 13, 2020

A Face that Only A Mother Could Love

I am not afraid of much....
but I think this would scare
me really badly!

Image may contain: dog

Oh...thunder and fireworks, 
that scares me.


Friday, April 10, 2020

Comfy and Cozy, The Perch

The other night Mom came to 
bed. When she came in the
room she flipped on the light,
not realizing I was sleep in there.

Image may contain: indoor

I was all comfy and cozy
in there while I was snoozing.
I sort of gave mom that LOOK!
The look that said, "Hey I am 
sleeping here"!!!
Yep, I snooze on my brothers
doggie pillow. 

Mom has me set up in the 
smaller window of the 
living room so I can 
look out. This morning
she opened the door for
me but it was just to
cool for me out there,
so I came and looked
out the window.

Image may contain: cat and indoor

Mom called my name so 
I glanced around to see
what she wanted. 

Image may contain: cat and indoor

She is always telling me
that I am so beautiful. She
calls me her Little Bit, her
Little Shi.......oops, I better
not write that word!

I think tomorrow I will
prop up on my perch and 
look to see if I see any
Easter Bunnies....

Later folks,
Lily Bit
The Little Shi.............

Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty