Friday, July 27, 2018

SIlly Lily Being SIlly Lily

Check her out....

Peek a Boo

I have a screened in deck but
somehow a grasshopper
got on there...
and Lily found it bringing
it to the kitchen.

She looks so different with the 
ears pulled back.

It was dead, she lost 
interest fast so it ended
up in the trash!

OH ...these two make my heart

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Dakota's Followering

For years I have shared my
best bud on FB or
On FB he always had a great

My friend Therea's sister
has always loved him.
Then when Lily came a long
she fell for her too...

But not until the other night
had Margaret, T's sister
got to meet Dakota.

He is not a social dog.
He don't like many.
It took years for him to like
He greeted Margaret and hubby
the way he greets all.
Not wanting them in the yard.
However I have taught him
that if I let them in the yard,
on the porch or in the 
house all is well...

And as you can see, a little
stracthing and belly rubbing
and she won him over.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Lily and My Chair

Yesterday morning while 
enjoying the deck before the 
heat of the day kicked in, I made
the mistake of going in for more
Came out to Lily ~ she had
taken over my chair.

Such a mess!


Friday, July 13, 2018

Today's Feeding

Well when I got home from Calif.,
Lily had not been stuffed!

But she ruled the house at moms.
Mom told me that she would run in the bathroom
when she went and jumpdc in the tub.
Then here would come to 4
dogs, Lily would jump up and slap
at them, jumping back in the tub so 
the dogs could not get at her..


Here are my two babes today
at lunch time.

Normally Lily don't eat the same
time Dakota does but
yesterday and today she
wanted to eat with Dakota....
and out of his plate.

I put her's down and she
decided to eat that.

I missed my babes.

Thanks for dropping in and checking
on them.

Friday, July 6, 2018

The Email

Yesterday I shared with you 
the email I got from mom...
you know that one about did I 
want Lily stuffed in a sitting position.

I did email her back and ask what
she had been into and the reply, "do 
you want the book form"?

Oops.....Lily what are you doing to
your granny?

The Furbabes at Granny's

So we all know that I am
visiting in Calif. 
but have you wondered where
the furbabes are?

My mom has them. 
Dakota is used to hang at Granny's
but Lily however is not.

Mom kept Zuzu, my brothers cat, and 
she stayed downstairs the whole week.
Mom would go down 5 or 6 times 
a day and visit with her. thought that
Lily would be the same.
I knew that was not to be.
Lily has the run of granny's house
right now. Keeping the dogs in

Its a different place, a place she has
never stayed so she is full of herself.
Checking everything out.
I get an email from mom
this morning and it reads, 
"do you want her stuffed in a sitting 

When I called to check on them last 
night mom asked what the deal
was with Lily laying in the
bathroom sink!

Oh my.....this should be interesting. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Near Mom

Last night fireworks were going off up 
the street. Dakota did not freak like 
normal cause I made sure the TV was a tad
louder than normal but just the same
he could hear it lightly and  he
had to be near his mom.

Queen of the Back of the Chair

Misty seems to think she is queen of the  back of the new chair.   Well, I have news for her... never mind, I can't get up there anyway....