Friday, July 27, 2018

SIlly Lily Being SIlly Lily

Check her out....

Peek a Boo

I have a screened in deck but
somehow a grasshopper
got on there...
and Lily found it bringing
it to the kitchen.

She looks so different with the 
ears pulled back.

It was dead, she lost 
interest fast so it ended
up in the trash!

OH ...these two make my heart


  1. Awww, she's adorable indeed.

    I linked this post to Feline Friday.

    Have a purrfect and woof woof day and weekend, you two. My best to your mom. ♥

  2. Your stories about them make my heart sing as well now I have no animals of my own. Take care and have a good weekend Diane

  3. our two babies make my heart sing to... to funny with those ears back... love the peek from behind the monitor.

  4. So precious! I'm surprised she didn't eat the bug. Good source of protein. ~grin~ As for how it got in, isn't there a gap between your patio floorboards? I was thinking that might be how. Of course, we get centipedes by the score and have no idea how they get in, no matter how flat they are. By the way, your mother needs to be thankful for all the things you do and should treat you like gold. ~nods~ Wish I could hug you right now.

  5. The last shot is so precious - I can see why it might make your heart sing!!

  6. Lovely pictures! My cat will happily eat bugs and spiders but will then turn her nose up at proper cat food if she doesn't approve of it. She seems to have a sixth sense for the cheaper brands!

  7. Your stories of your pets are so sweet Pam. Lily and Dakota have so much personality!

  8. So cute, I have grown to love Lily and Dakota through your blog. Looks like you have a real nice spot to blog too. Happy Day to you Pam.


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