Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Dakota's Followering

For years I have shared my
best bud on FB or
On FB he always had a great

My friend Therea's sister
has always loved him.
Then when Lily came a long
she fell for her too...

But not until the other night
had Margaret, T's sister
got to meet Dakota.

He is not a social dog.
He don't like many.
It took years for him to like
He greeted Margaret and hubby
the way he greets all.
Not wanting them in the yard.
However I have taught him
that if I let them in the yard,
on the porch or in the 
house all is well...

And as you can see, a little
stracthing and belly rubbing
and she won him over.


  1. They are highly protective. I get that. I'm glad all is better.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the babies. ♥

  2. Belly rubbing usually does it!

  3. how could he not win her over. Love from one of his follering

  4. I had a great Dane that growled if anyone came near me. He was huge and very frightning tho' he never touched anyone except for a burgler who broke into the house, The burgler came off quite badly!!! Take care Diane

  5. That's great he was won over by a belly rub! That'll usually do it for dogs! Have a great weekend Pam!

  6. She's pretty brave to give the ol' belly rub a try. He's just doing his job though and isn't funny is head growler and lover boy?


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