Friday, July 13, 2018

Today's Feeding

Well when I got home from Calif.,
Lily had not been stuffed!

But she ruled the house at moms.
Mom told me that she would run in the bathroom
when she went and jumpdc in the tub.
Then here would come to 4
dogs, Lily would jump up and slap
at them, jumping back in the tub so 
the dogs could not get at her..


Here are my two babes today
at lunch time.

Normally Lily don't eat the same
time Dakota does but
yesterday and today she
wanted to eat with Dakota....
and out of his plate.

I put her's down and she
decided to eat that.

I missed my babes.

Thanks for dropping in and checking
on them.


  1. so glad you are home safe and sound and I know your babies are tooooo... your mom had a lot of fun I think

  2. That looks like a pretty happy crew!

  3. Awww, Lily was the boss. Why not.

    I linked this post to Feline Friday.

    Have a fabulous weekend. Scritches to the babies. ♥

  4. I am sure that you missed them, I miss not having any animals around BUT if we want to travel then it is not fair. Take care Diane


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