Monday, November 30, 2020

Accident and Life with Misty

 We had a scare the other day while Mom was hanging clothes up to put in the closet. Misty runs full open and all of a sudden she stopped. Mom looked and she had run into this hanger.

It was laying over in the cradle like this. with others.

Thank goodness this hanger had a blunt end on it,
cause it was wedged between Misty's eyeball and 
the bottom eye lid. Mom had to pull it out.
She said Misty's eye was a little red but it was
not hurt. She was lucky.

I think Lily is jealous cause Misty wants to be really
close to mom all the time unless she is playing. Mom was 
chilling on the couch the other day and Misty crawled
up on her just to look at her.

She had crawled under Mom's laptop. 

She was comfy. 

Lily plays with Misty every so often but when she is done, she
meows and bops Misty on the head. Mom had hoped that Misty
would be able to help Lily since she knew that Lily missed
playing with Dakota. Now Mom is hoping that it gets better as
Misty grows. 

Mom is trying to teach Misty the boundaries so that Lily
don't feel like she is giving up everything. 
Misty will get on the cat tree but Mom will not allow her
to get on the top, that is Lily's spot. 

Misty is still sleeping in the guest room too. Mom says
that she will not let Misty start sleeping with us till
Lily's mood settles down some. 

Me, I am cool with Misty. She don't mind that I growl
when I play. Her and I play a lot. But she also gets
on my last nerve when I want to sleep and she
tried biting on me to play. 

Mom is attached to Misty and she is now a part of
us but Mom is worried cause Lily has not only taken
to having a catitude but a tortitude also towards Mom.
When Mom used to pick up Lily she would do a short
meow and she would give Mom a minute to hold her
and love on her. Now Lily does several loud leave
me along meows. It is hurting Mom some. 


Sunday, November 29, 2020

Watching Mom

 Hi, its me! Oh, me is Lily. I wanted to be close to mom the other day while she was folding clothes so I jumped in the basket. 

Mom laid a blanket in there before I jumped in and told me it was okay
for me to get in there. Then she covered me for privacy. 

Then I watched mom fold.

Lily Bit

Saturday, November 28, 2020


 Hi everyone! Wow, its been crazy around here.

Chey seems to adjusted fine. I am doing okay but some days mom says that my Tortie side comes out. Its when Misty wants to play and I don't.

Lily Bit

Friday, November 27, 2020

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

American White Pelicans

 Mom was coming home yesterday from the Toy Drive and stopped at Uncle Marks house. She was so surprised at what she saw leaving Uncle Marks house on the lake across the street, American White Pelican's. 

Maybe not surprised but more like shocked, we don't normally get 
pelicans in Tennessee. 
Uncle Mark told her he read up on them and learned they stopped here 
on their way south for the winter from up north. 

Mom was just wishing she had the zoom lens. 

She pointed out the mass of white up in the back of the lake over the walkway to the boat dock. It is more of them birds. Mom said it looked like 100 of them.

Mom also found out that they came through and stopped in this
same spot two years ago. But no one saw them last yr.

Mom also said that there were a lot of fish jumping
in the lake but due to not being able to see them before
they jumped to know that they were going to jump out
of the water she could not get a shot. 
So she settled for an oak leave floating on the water.

As a cat, I would probably want to chase one of those birds but that many would scare me!

Lily Bit

Monday, November 23, 2020

Saturday, November 21, 2020


 Mom says I am a spitfire!

I might be little but I don't let anything stop me!

Misty River

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Mama Cat


RIP Mama Cat.

Kim missed Mama Cat all day today. When Mark came home from work he noticed buzzards making a meal in the ditch across the street. Apparently she had gotten hit by a car. I hope she went fast. 

Mark went and got her and buried her in the backyard with another feral, Fluffy and one of Mama Cat's baby from the spring litter, plus Thumper (dog) and Dinky (dog). Thank you Mark for always taking care of that. 

Bless her heart. She showed up 1.5 yrs ago with three babes in tow. Had five during the spring litter and four with the fall litter. She was a good mom.



Monday, November 16, 2020

Things are Looking Up

 The furs have come a long way in a short week. Chey and Misty will be fine when Misty gets bigger. Right now mixing her with Chey scares me cause she is so much bigger. 

But on the flip side, Lily and Misty actually played a bit today. Things are looking up. 

Also, Misty is starting to really wag that tail. 

Cutest thing today~ 
Misty tries to cover her bathroom breaks but she just has not learned out to actually cover it up. Today after feeding while I sat in there watching her play, Lily came in and looked around. Apparently Lily noticed that the bathroom break was not covered so she went over there and did it for Misty. 

Chey, Lily and Misty's Mom

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Catmass Tree and Bubba

 Mom seems to think this is funny.....

Catmass Tree

Mom said this dudes name is Bubba. 

He was one of the last litter of 
Mama Cats and although he
had a home, the woman just brought 
him in and set him 
down with another cat and a dog. 
It did not work out.
Aunt Kim saw the woman, two days 
after taking Bubba
trying to find him a home on FB. 
Kim contacted her and told
her to bring him back. We are 
looking for a good
home for him now. He is a sweetie, 
mom said and he
has so much personality. Mom said 
he is a handsome
boy.....well, I guess he is.


Saturday, November 14, 2020

Things Changing

Things sure have changed around here.
But I am adjusting. I think Chey is also.

I was not a part of these pics but mom
shared them with Chey and I.

This morning I went in the room again after mom 
fed Misty. Even though I had been a few times
mom has kept Misty and I apart. That was find with 
me. I just wanted to sit and watch. However, this morn
mom let Misty come over to me. She was shy at 
first then she busted loose. 
Next thing I know she is trying to play with 
me and she is doing that thing mom calls
my BAW moments. I had to bop her on the 
head and meow at her a couple of times but
mom said that was okay, it was teaching Misty and
she also said I was gentle doing it so that 
was good of me.

Mom said we could cont this for a bit and
see how things go. She is even holding
Misty for Chey to smell. She even licked
milk off Misty's mouth today.

This might work, but I am still waiting to see
how things go.



Thursday, November 12, 2020

Drop Cage and The Fix

 I am not sure why this should excite me so much but mom was excited.

Uncle Mark caught Mama Cat two days ago and she has been fixed. No more litters. 

Mom did some studying up on how to catch cats since Mama Cat seemed to be able to out smart everyone on being caught. She found directions on how to make a drop cage. She sent that to Uncle Mark in email. So he got busy. He had some PVC piping he figured would work as well as wood, all he had to get was the joints. He also had the mesh like stuff. 

What a great job Uncle Mark. 

On one side there was this opening. Uncle Mark placed
the trap cage up to the opening, and he slipped plywood in 
between the two traps.

He propped the trap up and had a rope tied
to it. Mama Cat and Slaps went in and was 
eating. But then Slaps walked out and Mama Cat
was the only one left. Mark pulled the rope and BAM...
she was caught. Aunt Kim threw a dark blanket over
the drop trap, removed the plywood and when
Mama Cat saw the light, she ran into the critter trap.

Worked amazingly. 
They had Mama in the trap. Took her inside to the 
laundry room where she finally calmed down.
Next morn, Uncle Mark took her in to 
have the issue of having babes taken
care of. 

Mom said that when Mama Cat first showed
up she brought a litter of two or three with 
her. Then she has had two since being there.
Wow, that kitty could produce.

My mom told Uncle Mark he needed to keep that drop
cage just in case anymore female cats
showed up that have not been fixed yet.


Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Misty River Adjusting

  If you have been wondering Misty is settling in. She has taken over the guest room. 

In the past week she has become the master of escape. I had a small pen area set up for her with the carrier in it, a litter box and toys. I took down the falls once I came in and saw that she had been climbing over them and getting out. I also removed the carrier although she was sleeping in it but it was hard for me to place her in there once she fell asleep. She now has a kitten bed. 

She will be six weeks old this Saturday. 
Last week while living at Mark and Kim's I played hide and seek with her and she had the stalking down really well. 
This week since coming here she has started jumping while running. Climbing and jumping off things. She has learned to go to the litter box on her own. She will stop playing and run right to the box and go. She loves to run, full force! She loves to attack my feet. 
You know when you hold a baby cradled in your arms, looking up with love and trust in their eyes, then reach up and plays with your face, well, sweetest of all times is when she lays back in my arms and reaches up to play with my face!

But big pants can hold her own bottle. I read up on how to ween her from the bottle and it starts out by introducing the formula on your finger, then you take to plate...etc.
Only I can't get her to lick it from my finger. I have also forced my finger in her mouth....she wants none of that. 

Once she takes the bottle, she plays 
30 to 45 mins, hard and full force, then she crawls up in my arms and
goes to sleep. 

Flip side...Lily and Chey have not taken to her as of yet.
Brain's dad, Misty has just now started playing paws under the door,
only Lily slaps at her paw. 

Hoping this all improves.

Lily, Chey and Misty's mom.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Misty Una - AKA Misty One

Misty Una, that is the name mom is trying out right now. She says she is just not sure yet. She also asked me to ask you to ignore the underside of the chair, Zora and Zuzu have done that. 

Mom says that Una is doing great with her balance and walking. Last week she was still wobbling a lot. 

From what I have heard Una seems to really love mom.
Here she is playing with mom's foot. 

Here she is hugging moms leg. 

 Okay, I admit, she is cute.


Friday, November 6, 2020

Zora AKA Becky and Zuzu

I have never met Zora AKA Becky. 
But mom said this is her.

Mom says she loves that basket 
thing she is curled up in.

Why does Becky have two names 
Well, that would be because Mark 
and Kim had Zuzu first then 
found Becky as a stray. 
Kim wanted to name her Zora 
and Uncle Markie
being very outspoken said, 
" the one letter in the 
alphabet not used much and you 
want both cats name
to start with that"? 
Aunt Kim calls her Zora and 
Uncle Mark calls her Becky.

Now this is Zuzu named 
after the little girl on It's a Wonderful Life.
I met Zu, she lived in our den for about a week. 

Mom loves Zu and says that she 
got me cause of Zu.
Zu was the first cat mom fell in love with. 

I on the other hand was not crazy 
about Zu. She hissed
and acted really ugly to me. 

She seems to like mom.

I guess she is pretty. Mom says she is. 
My mom was a tortie
and I am 1/2 tortie. Zu is also a tortie 
but mom says she
has a tortie-tude really bad. 
Still mom loves

I am just glad she is not at our house.



Up Close

 Hi mom! I like being up close and personal  with you. Then I love to curl up and bury my head. Misty