Thursday, April 1, 2021

Sweet Special Girl and Update

 Mom calls me her sweet girl.

She also tells me that I have
a special spot in her heart cause
I was her first 

I know she loves me specially.

Lily Bit

Note from mom~

Just to update you all on things 
around the house, Lily is getting
back to being herself. 
I brought Misty home when she 
was five weeks old and things
changed in my sweet Lily.
It appeared to me that she
might be jealous cause a lot
of the issues and attitude
was directed at me. 

She stopped waking me up in 
the mornings by patting 
me, or meowing at me
or running across my body.
That still has not gone back
to normal. 
[the above statement
was written on Wed, and Thurs
morning, Lily woke me 
running across my body!!!!]
Lily plays with Misty more and 
nicer. I have learned that the 
loud meowing is called
cat play and it is nothing
to be upset about.
Lily did not play with Dakota 
like that but like I was 
reminded by a friend, 
Dakota was a different breed...
a dog. 

It is nice to see Lily and Misty
playing. I will hear a noise and 
look up to see Misty being chased
into the hall by Lily, then all of
a sudden Misty is chasing Lily
out of the hall.
To be to small cats, they sure
can be loud when running. 

But towards me, Lily has started
back sleeping in the bed
with me. I think some of that
is cause Misty will not
sleep in the bed or maybe
just cause she is getting more

Two weeks ago Lily 
actually hung in the 
living room with 
all of us. She had taken
to going off alone. Even
hiding so that I had
to search for her.

Lily is also starting to wake
me in the middle of the 
night again which
is not a good thing but
its also great. Great cause
she is wanting me to rub
her head. That had stopped 
also. So I can handle being
woke in the middle
of the night for a 
head rub.

The best of all thing is that
Lily comes to ask me to 
play with her again. How 
that works is, she will come
and sit in front of me and stare
all wide eyed. I will stop
what I am doing and tell 
her I am going to 
get her, at which point
she takes off running. 

A friend kept telling me it 
would get better but its
been almost four
months so I was thinking
that it would not happen.
My heart is singing again
because Lily is acting
like she loves her mom



  1. I am not at all surprised, but very happy for you. Their calm and loving home is ideal for friendship to flourish. ~hugs~ These things just take time.

  2. It takes time for kitties to adjust. I think everything is going to be just fine now :)

  3. I am glad your sweet Lily is more like her old self again. Enjoy!

  4. I knew Lily would come around, change is difficult and she had to move at her own pace. I'm so happy to read that lots of the normal is returning!


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