Sunday, April 25, 2021

Play Center and The View


Brian, you and your pals need
to check this out!!!
A friend of mom's tagged
her on FB with this
picture telling her
that we needed this!

WOW....if there was a place to
put something like this!
It is made out of an
old entertainment center.
We have one of those, not
like this one but mom has
plans for ours. 

Mom was out in the other
part of town the other
day and she was driving
down the road when
she saw this...

haha....its that cute.
Mom turned around and 
went back by to take
a pic of him/her.

That is one way to keep the 
fence links out of 
view when watching
folks travel up and down
the road.

Lily Bit


  1. WOW, could you imagine what Simon would do with that play hutch!!! I hope that dog wasn't stuck.

  2. Your mom would add adorable art to such a play area. And what a clever doggie. :)


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