Thursday, April 8, 2021

Does This Pic Make my Butt Look Big

 Does this picture make my butt look big?

Everyone on fb said that I looked
so big in this pic but as
it is I am just now barely over
five pounds. Mom
said it is the angle of the shot
that makes me look so big.

But mom did laugh cause she said that
just a few months ago I 
barely fit on her
shoulder, now I take 
over her whole chest.
She said I am tall, skinny
and lanky. 

I think that is good.



  1. Nope, it really is just the angle sweet Misty!

  2. 5 pounds, just a tiny baby! I love the photo :)

  3. Terra is over seven pounds now! You're on target, I think. ~hugs~ Love to your mom and family, Misty.

  4. Wow, definitely the angle :-) Diane


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