Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Vet Visit

Dakota has been having ups
and downs for the last 
couple of months. 

In the past weeks I noticed
him shaking a bit. Then I 
noticed labored breathing.
My daughter told me to 
check his gums and see
if they were pale.
Since they were she
suggested I bring him
in (vet). So yesterday
Dakota and I went to 
the vets.

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Normally he is all shaking and
trying to hide. He just sat
in my arms. At one point
he even looked up and licked

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He's down 7 lbs. Anemic which is
making his breathing labored.
So...I had to up the steroid for him.
He is taking 2 a day for seven days
then one a day from there on out.

I knew it was not THE TIME.
But I needed to get him help.
Xrays showed that the tumors
have not grown into the lungs
but they did look not look
all that clear. 

Please keep him in your 
thoughts. He's my babe.



  1. Prayers for Dakota and you too. Please keep us in the loop. It's most appreciated.

    Healing scritches to Dakota. ♥

  2. That poor sweetie guy, we're all sending purrs and prayers to him and to you too.

  3. so sorry Pam and hugs and prayers for both of you

  4. Always in my thoughts. I love Dakota. Keep well Diane

  5. Poor baby. He looks so thin. And it's so obvious he loves you.


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