Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Sleeping, Investigating and Bumping Butts

Seriously this girl can
sleep anywhere, anyway,
any time. 

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The move I think has been
good for her. I am pretty
sure she misses her brother
but at this point, she is 
staying so busy checking
out the place. 

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I can't open a door, a cabinet
or drawer that she is not in
it. She has been really 
interested in the garage
and basement and today
she shot through that 
door. There is so much 
in those areas that 
I have to go through and
decide where to put them
I was so afraid I would 
lose her. She meowed
me right to her. 

St. Patty's day after
some arranging, moving
and unpacking I decided 
to take a rest on the 
couch. Chey was right
there with me...


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HAHA...I know,
our pics are never boring!



  1. Apparently you're not post photographs anymore? It's all good, but you have a second with what would have been a photograph.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to all the babes. ♥

  2. Definitely not boring. :) Sweet babies, both.


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