Sunday, November 11, 2018

Play Time, Nap Time, Relax Time

I love watching these
two play...

Love it even more when
Dakota starts it!

Here they are keeping me
company ....with their
snores and sighs....

But before naptime before bedtime
I took a shower to try
and relax. As I got 
out of the shower I spot

This girl is so silly....when she 
knows I am heading to the shower,
she runs ahead and jumps in the 
tub! She loves playing hide
and seek like that. She hides
behind the shower curtain and 
wants me to ask there Lily is...
then she jumps out. 


  1. all of your awwwww moments make me feel so good. LOVE the cat in the sink shot... and playing pi pie with her is so sweet

  2. Thay are both so adorable, you are very lucky. Take care Diane

  3. Very cute! One of our cats loves the sinks too. He eats holes in the shower curtains though the little bugger...has some kind of plastic fetish lol!

  4. Sometimes, old as she is, Jezebel likes to hide behind the various pillows on our one sofa. I do the same thing. "Where's Jezebel?" I rip away the pillow hiding her, say, "There she is!" And she runs behind the next one. Good times. Enjoy.


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