Saturday, March 20, 2021


 Hi...its me, Misty River, 

Mom wanted me to share something with Darla, 

she has a blog too and the link is

Anyway Darla said that she was having

issues finding the type of litter her babes


We use this below.

Mom said to tell you that even though

she is in Walmart a lot, she

orders our litter on line. She went on 

explain that the reason for doing it is

that she buys the 35 lb pails for 14.64.

That way she don't have to pick up 

litter, and don't have to do it often 

cause she gets two pails at a time.

With that being said, by ordering 

them, they are delivered right to the

door and all mom has to do is slide

them in.

No lifting in the buggy,

to loading to the car, 

no unloading and 

carrying in the house and 

up the stairs from the garage.

Also, its not like going to the store

and them not having it.

You know, I might be only 5 months

old but I see what mom is saying,

she is pretty smart.

Misty River


  1. That is smart, we get our litter online too. We have to order scent free, almost dust free due to Seal's asthma, but online sure is easy...unless they run out.

  2. You are right you do have a smart mum :-) Diane

  3. your mom is smart and so am I, i do the same thing but i order 34 lb bag of dry dog food, and it is put on my front porch. half the time WM doesn't have it in stock and i have to take hubby with me to petsmart to put it in the basket and cart. with on line it is really easy to put it in my car

  4. We get the same litter but we use the light weight because we can't get it delivered to the house. We live in a very small rural community (in Canada). Mom has to lug it out of the store to the car and down the basement stairs. Your Mom rocks! We hope you all have a marvellously happy day!

  5. Awww... She is smart. And you're adorable. We always bought it cheapest at Sam's Club and I didn't mind hauling it (too much).


    But Chewy has a pretty reasonably priced bag for delivery. So I may well be joining your mom in doing that, instead.


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