Saturday, December 2, 2017

Lily Antics

Staying at my brothers Lily
has a lot of room to run and 
a lot of places to hide.

She just comes and goes and 
roams around....but every so 
often when I realize I have not 
seen her in a while I go looking.
Problem....she blends in with so
many surroundings that I over
look her a lot of times.

Do you see her?

She was just sitting there ....chilling!

Here she is acting like she is
stretching but at the same time
she is reaching for Maggie's
She don't understand that the older
dogs really don't want to 

Next  she goes up to greet

Then she tries rubbing and marking
Chole for her own.

After marking Chole she rolls
around on the floor, 
Chole looks like she is 
askiing me, "what now?"

She just moves from one to the other...
now she is trying to play with 

So much fun watching all 
this play out.
Dakota however is at mom's.
She tries to give me a break
by taking him on when I am up here
house sitting, since he is so demanding
and sticks to me like glue. 
But....I think Lily misses him.

Speaking on that, Lily and I
went home today so I could do somethings
and to give her some quality time
on the deck.

Fresh air must have gotten to
her. This was her on the 
ride back to Ray's house.

Thanks for stopping in, 


  1. I just love watching Lily's antics. your brothers dogs are wonderful to allow her to play and pester them. I think it is super that she fits in with dogs like the only little petunia in the onion patch... love the sitting still shot, we don't see many of those

  2. Those dogs look so sweet and gentle with her. I'll bet Dakota misses Lily, too. Poor babies. Our cats are spoiled with a dull, quiet lifestyle. Well, until someone comes to work on the house. Then Jezebel is not happy, though Tilly seems not to mind. ~grin~ Tuesday morning they have their yearly vet check-ups. Neither will be happy. Oh, well. We do what we must. Be well!

  3. Lily has the cutest personality and "NO FEAR" of anything! I think she had a great time on your deck and enjoyed some nap time.


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