Thursday, December 7, 2017

My Furbabes - Dakota and Lily

Yesterday after getting home I laid
out the curtain I got at Goodwill....
Lily crawled under it.
And Dakota decided that it was
time to play! 


I was sitting at the kitchen table at 
Ray's yesterday and Dakota had
to be near me. He curled up on 
the extra chair to nap.

Lily on the other and curled up on 
the chair at the end of the table, 
hidden by the table to nap.

HAHA...this was the night before.
I was piled up in the bed watching
TV and silly boy crawled out
from under the cover. 

What a look!

Lily was piled up on the end of the 
other side of the bed. 

Now I ask many cats
do you know that will get in the 
shower with you?

She will not do it at home cause
I have a regular tub shower
but at Ray's she has room to 
get out of the way of the water.
When the water goes off she gets 
down and lays in the the litte
water that has not gone down
the drain yet.

I have some silly little critters!

Thanks for stopping in, 


  1. I want that shower, and I would get in it in a flash. so sweet and the pic of Dakota under the blanket is beyond adorable.... sleeping pets always melt my heart

  2. Too funny! So glad they're in your life, for all your sakes. You're good for each other. ~hugs~ My silly Jezebel just got on the back of the couch after tucking on the arm of the couch where she could lick my hand and arm as I typed. I think the silly cat likes the taste (?) of my unscented body lotion.

  3. Adorable photos of your little loves :-)


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