Thursday, December 21, 2017

Lily Bit and Dakota

When my best friend Debbie came by
Sunday for us to exchange gifts and we talked
Lily decided to jump in the bag my
gift came in.
See the tail sticking out?

I had to jump up and get a shot 
of her of course!


Monday night as I was getting ready
to go to the handbell concert I had
company while I put on my makeup.

Then the other night from
my end of the couch I look
down to see this site.

Shortly after waking from the site
above, Lily has one of her
buck a-- wild moments and
runs through the house playing.

Only to wear down about 20 minutes later.
I look over to see her in the 
small trash can under the chair
in the living room.

In a few minutes I notice she is 
asleep in that trash can!

I try to keep my phone close
by for photo ops like these.
But the other morning after blogging,
surfing PINTEREST and FBing 
I laid down on the couch,
my head was just below
Dakota's stretched out form and 
I had my hand rubbing his belly when
up jumps Lily.
She stretches out next to me, the back 
of her head right at my face, with 
my other hand I start to rub her.
Normally she will move away, she
is not big on being rubbed except on the
head but then again, she normally will
not lay up next to me either....
But with all that taking place I realized
that my cell was on the arm of the 
couch at the other end and missed 
the sweetest I rubbed
both my babes Lily reached her paw
up to touch Dakota's paw and we all
three fell asleep!

Thanks for stopping in, 


  1. Such sweeties. That Lily is into everything. I can just see you three taking a nap together!

  2. there is nothing i love more than sleeping cats and dogs, warms the cockles of my heart. i bet your cell phone camera stays HOT all day and night..

  3. You are so lucky to have two amazing furry friends with such characters. Keep well Diane

  4. They are so adorable Pam. Lily is so SNEAKY!!! :)

  5. How precious! As I type, sitting on my bed for the moment, there is a gray tail wagging between the edge of my laptop keyboard and the screen. ~grin~ Can't imagine life without animals since cat Luna, rest her soul, found me in 1999.


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