Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Lily All Boxed Up

Those of you that have had
kittens or cats know
how they love closed in 
tight places like

I took my throw out of the 
box and sat it on the floor today.
I looked own and I saw this.

Dakota was trying so hard to
get Lily to come out
so he could play! 

Check this out!

I am so thankful that
I did not have to deal with this.

Lily was great with the tree.
The only issue was that she
loved to walk across the 
packages but that was it. 
you made a statement on one
post that it was a wonder
she did not rip through the
wrapping paper, I did not have
that issue either. The paper
was thick and I clip her
nails on a regular basis.
Hold her in my arms like 
a baby and take regular clippers
to her. I talk sweet to her and
she does well. But I have noticed
that the nails are getting
thicker and will not
go in the small opening of
the clippers....
guess we will move up to
the ones I use on Dakota.

Thanks for stopping in, 


  1. The pics of Lily in the box just crack me up! I have been needed a cat scratcher for Jellybean (who is an amputee) - Thanks!
    It is a 2-person ordeal to cut our 6 cats' nails!

  2. wow, that is the perfect cat house. HE HE HE... love it. she is sooooo funny....

  3. Oh, good for you on clipping nails. I never got any of our cats young enough that they would tolerate it. ~sigh~ I tried a few times but they squirmed so much I worried about cutting the quick. I cannot imagine cutting the toenails for six! Our furniture suffers as a result, but oh well. We made our trade-off. Such cute photos of her in the box!

  4. Cats are so cute, they always fit into the tiniest packages don't they? Very sweet! :)


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