Saturday, December 16, 2017

Dakota Playing / Lily Alert

Dakota, Lily and I spent
a cold day just laying around
yesterday. It was a PJ day
for me.

Dakota had a little energy he needed
to get rid of so we played 
stuff doggie!

Playing stuff doggie consist of 
me tossing the dog in the 
air, Dakota grabbing it and 
running off with it so 
he can chew on it.

Unlike the dog I had when Amber
was young, Dakota don't play
fetch. He will not play ball.

He would rather just chew a hole
in his toy and pull stuffing
out all over the room!

As of yet, this one still is intact!

Yesterday while chilling and taking it
easy I was texting with Theresa.
During that text Lily decided she
wanted to love on me again
(I got a lot of loving yesterday).
While in the process of getting
Lily love, T texted me back,
the sound got Lily's attention.

Check out how alert she is.

If I could teach her to answer the 
phone I would have it made cause
if my phone is laying there and it
rings she runs to it and slaps it
with her paw....
esp if mom is calling cause
mom's ringer is dogs barking!

Thanks for following my two sweet babes, 


  1. what a look on Lily's face. so cute and our Cooper was like Dakota, he never fetched but loved to look for and get the squeaker out of a new toy. the funny thing is when it was unstuffed he never touched them again, but baby and Jake loved the left overs and Jake fetches as long as we throw it. on rainy days i play kick the tennis ball all over the living room for him to chase and fetch

  2. Dakota is so cute...only our two hounds fetch, the other dogs just grab the ball, run away and chew on it! But the hounds also chew on their little stuffed animals...funny critters! Lily is adorable! I'm glad you had a PJ day! :)

  3. Dad's dog Misty has stuffed toys. And they last forever! It's so cute to see her with the gingerbread man given by my sister-in-law when she was a puppy. I hope you feel great today!


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