Monday, December 4, 2017

Lily and the Bird / Dakota on the Ride

Lola (bird) is not at all
concerned with 
But Lily really
wants at Lola.



And this is Lily, tired last night
after chasing the 

This is my bud. He rides in the 
backseat, usually not in the 
center though. He has a booster
seat behind the passenger side
seat that he normally sits on.
But I think he wanted to be 
close to Lily since she is on 
the other side of him in 
her carrier. 

He usually has a bright red
collar on but with that BIG
skin tag on his neck I have had
to remove the collar, it was 
rubbing that spot. 

Thanks for stopping in, 


  1. lily is the most curious of all cats and must be the reason for the works curiosity killed the cat...

  2. Dakota has kangaroo ears like our Marlene, adorable! Good thing for a strong cage! :)

  3. Lily is so cute! She is a very curious cat! Dakota looks so relaxed!


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