Thursday, November 30, 2017

Kitten Hat

I work on my laptop most
of the time but I was designing
my brother and sis in laws 
Christmas card so I was
sitting at my desktop. 
(see some of the crafting stuff
behind me?)

While sitting there my mom called
on the cell and since she has
3 dogs her ring is dogs barking.
That always gets Lily's attention.
So here she comes running. 
The phone was on speaker,
sitting on the desk and she 
kept slapping at it.
After that she tried walking
across the keyboard.
Then she jumped from the top
of the printer to the back of
my chair.

Apparently my hair looked like
fun to her...
so she started playing and biting
at my hair.

Who needs a raccoon hat when you
have Lily around!

Thanks for stopping in,


  1. I am sending this to my son Dan, his kitten was crazy to, why he is named Jessie James. this is so funny and adorable.

  2. Ha ha, great photos of my favourite cat. Hope all is good. Diane

  3. I love these photos. My oldest cat, Kaboodle, used to get on my head/hair - I think she was attracted to the shampoo fragrance! Cat HATS are quite warm, aren't they??? lol

  4. Where was the king during all this? ~grin~ You mentioned getting a haircut. Was that right before you took these photos? I'm asking because my deceased cat Luna occasionally went after my hair when the hairdresser put certain products in it that I don't own. Too cute.

  5. HAHAHAHA! That is the funniest and cutest thing! That last picture really DOES look like a hat - too funny!

  6. This is too cute! My daughter introduced her kitten to his first mouse last night and she got a really cute video.

  7. Too cute, Pam! Cats are a constant source of amusement - I don't know how some people live without them!

  8. Oh my gosh, those are the funniest picture, Pam. You should send one of them out as Christmas cards haha. That mischievous Lily. She sure does love you.



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