Sunday, November 5, 2017

Lily Bit - Back to Normal

As a lot of you know I was really
worried about Lily last week.
Well, she is and has been back to full
force since we got home.
I am checking every day and she 
is peeing now. 

She had me worried. But she is running
through the house, playing with the KING
and loving on her mom.

The other night when Theresa came
over for dinner she brought 
some things for Lily.

A play tunnel..

And a fountain.

Lily and Dakota both love the tunnel
but as of yet, Lily has only tried to figure
out where the water is coming from
in her fountain.

T bought these for her cat, Punky but
her being an older cat wanted NOTHING
to do with either.

You see Punky is a rescue that showed
up at T's house about two years
ago. T of course started feeding outside,
then little by little she moved the bowl
closer to the door.
After a period of about a yr. she
was opening the screen and putting the
bowl just inside the house. 
Finally Punky came in.

It was a job for a patient person
(that would not be me)....and now
Punky lives indoors. Although that call
of the wild gets her and she goes out before
T goes to work and most days comes back
in to spend the day, T lets her out
when she gets home.

Punky is the cat that I took care
of while T was in Iceland.
The one that allowed me to pick
her up to take her in but T
had never been able to do that.

Now, since returning from Iceland
Punky has been more loving, moving closer
to T, to put her head in her lap....

I think she missed T!

Anyway, Lily wants to thank each one
of you for the concern you showed
while mom was worrying her head off.


  1. I'm so happy that Lily is feeling better. Did you ever figure out what it was? Our husky Charlie can go a whole day without peeing or pooping, nothing wrong with her either. She just gets distracted by squirrels and everything outside. I think that if we had that Play tunnel, the dogs would be more interested in sleeping in it! :)

  2. What a relief. And what nice gifts!

  3. it was something to worry about, so happy she is better and it must have been a virus. cute tunnel, Madi's Mom says that fountain is Madi the cats only way she will drink.

  4. So glad to hear she is well again. Nothing worse than sick animals that cannot explain their symptoms. Diane


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