Friday, November 10, 2017

Dakota and the Run In with the Reindeer

We are in the Holiday season
now once you make it through

With that I have to share a story
with you.

Dakota don't like water....that
includes RAIN.

One year in Dec. many years ago
leading up to Christmas we had 
several days of  rain.

(photo from internet)

Dakota did not like going out to pee.
He held it for a long time one
day when it was pouring.
He pretty much was crossing his

I made him go out.
He was not happy with me but
once on the porch he ran out.

He hugged the porch keeping him
under the eve of the house.
Keep in mind that when peeing
has to have a certain spot.
I have seen him smell dozen
of pieces of grass before finding the
right one.

So.....wanting to find that right piece
he ran from the porch to the big
tree in the front yard.
I guess the bare branches gave him
enough coverage...
go figure!

I was standing at the screen watching
just to be sure he went
and I saw him look at the 
reindeer in the yard.
I knew that thought, I threw
open the door to yell
when he lifted his leg and 

I heard a yelp, and here he comes running!
It shocked him!

I love him so much but I am sorry,
I had to laugh. 
In the mist of laughing I called
my mom to tell her.
She told me to stop laughing cause
she could not understand me!

Poor baby!

Thanks for stopping in,


  1. oh noooooooooo poor Dakota, never thought about a pee shock. now I know

  2. I am sorry but I had to laugh as well. LOL Enjoy the weekend Diane

  3. Oh my goodness, I had a chuckle too. Poor Dakota! I hope he stayed away from the reindeer after that.

  4. Oh, my goodness. Your pets are such characters. Be well!


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