Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Different Hats of Dakota

Dakota has never minded wearing
a bandana...
he thinks he looks really sharp in it!

He has just about as many bandana's as I do

But he is not near as fond 
of hats as he is his bandanas.

He he is showing off his

Yep...he was not happy.

But then again, he was not happy
being Santa either.

Or an elf.

Early on I tried to make life
comfortable for Dakota.
He tends to get cold in the house
so I dressed him in a doggie

Not happy with that either.

I don't have a pic of him in his
sweater but I will say that he was
not fond of it. 
I dropped him off in mom's fence
to do his business for a day at 
doggie day care (mom's)
on my way to work everyday.
One morning I get a call from mom
and she wants to know why he does
not have on his sweater, it was really 
cold. I explained that he had it on...
She goes out to find it on a bush....
apparently he worked it off and left
it hanging there.


It was suggested my years ago by one
of Dakota's followers on fb for
me to write a book about him.
I have stated more than once that I 
am not a writer, however I am thinking
about doing just that.
I thought maybe a series of childrens 
books on Dakota's life than adding 
the addition of Lily.

What do you think?


  1. I think writing a book is a great idea! Dakota is so cute in all the accessories! I used to have a dog named Lucky and he used to look so adorable in his sweaters! Have a great weekend!

  2. I think he is remarkably patient none of the dogs I have had would have let me dress them up at all!! Love him he is great Diane

  3. I think it's a super idea Pam! I've been trying to write for a long time but can't commit fully yet. At one point I got 30,000 words done on a novel I was putting together, then writer's block hit me and I never went back to it!

    Dakota is so cute, those photos of him as an elf are great, he looks like he's about to sneeze lol! Marlene has those big kangaroo ears too! :)

  4. I think write the book and see how it goes, you might be surprised. I wish Jake would let me do this, he gets up and leaves if I lay something on his head, he gets up and leaves when I pick up the camera. Dakota you can be my king any day

  5. Ooh, do write it! You don't give yourself enough credit. And I have to laugh remembering our precious little mutt Trixie escaping to loose her doggie sweater after one day when I was a kid. We never did find it. And my cat Luna was an escape artist. She got out of a harness the one and only time I tried to take her to a pet store. I wanted to show that pretty kitty off but she wanted nothing to do with travel. Still miss that girl after cancer took her over three (!) years ago. Where does the time go?


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