Monday, November 6, 2017

Silly Little Lily and Qtips

Just like a two year old it has been
fun watching Lily grow since I 
got her and the phases she
has gone through.
I know as she continues to
grow from a kitten to a cat
she will change even more.

I leave my kitchen door to the 
deck open on nice days and 
I check on Lily often.
Here is how I found her

Having Dakota in my life for 10.5 years 
now and him being so needy as to have
to be near me all the time it has
been an adjustment to have a kitten
that takes off and stays gone in the 
house, that I have to go look for.

The other night with the temps going back
and forth I found her in the bathroom
sink upstairs, sounds asleep!
Sorry, no pic, did not think to carry
my cell with me.

When Lily first came to live with me
and Dakota she loved to play
with small cat balls, toilet paper
holders and small water bottles.

All that has changed and now she
loves Qtips.

My holder downstairs.

 Lily has been here!

I find them all over the house.
Speaking of does she find
small things that I never see?
She is something else.

This morning the KING and her
played for about 20 mins straight.
I love it...
esp love when he starts it.

Thanks for coming by to see what he fur babes
have been up too.



  1. What a joy that the two get along so well. Our Tilly went through a long phase of playing with cotton swabs. I used to find them along the side of the open basement stairs. Now she doesn't even go down there, the lazy old fart. ~grin~ Happy Monday!

  2. I am so envious I do miss our animals so much. I would not though keep putting them into kennels and while we can travel that is our plan. Diane

  3. You know how I love cats and dogs. Occasionally even my 15 yr old cat will have a playful moment and it puts a smile on my face. Sweet pics of little Lily today.

  4. you have your own entertainment channel and it is free, no cable needed... can't wait to see what happens when Christmas decorating come around


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