Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Pose

This evening I looked over and these
two were sitting beside each other
so I grabbed the cell.
I looked at them and told them to
look at mom...
Dakota looked away and Lily looked
up...both at the same time!

Finally getting them to look at me
but Lily looks like she is
doing all she can to keep
from falling asleep.

Love Dakota with the cocked head and I 
think there again, I was keeping
Lily up!

Oh my ...they make life so much fun.

Thanks for stopping by, 


  1. these two make a perfect Christmas Card, love the POSE

  2. Fabulous photos so difficult to get animals to look at you without coming straight at you and getting under you feet!! Diane

  3. Oh, I love the second one, and the last one where Dakota's head is tilting is a cutie too. These would be nice for your Christmas cards.


  4. I love these precious fur babies. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. We love our little fur babies too! Two dachshunds and a shihtzu mix. I love that your kitten and dog love each other!


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