Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Dakota Under Cover

Through the years Dakota has brought
so much happiness to my life..
Don't get me wrong, I get stressed at him 
also due to his odd behavior at times.
But he is bud, my best friend and I love
him so much.
Lily has just added to our life.

In 2015 I was going to retire from the 
TBI. That winter while going out to 
head to work and always carrying a throw
for the KING....
I would tell him, that next year we would
not have to go out in the wee hours of the 
cold morns to take him to granny's house.

See for 9 yrs he never stayed home all day
by himself....he was with granny and her pups.

Then the week before I put in my retirement papers
after doing the daily count down.....
I took a job with the TSB- TN School
for the Blind. 
So when winter rolled around again I 
got the most terrible looks from 
and the I had to tell him how sorry
I was for dragging him back out
in the cold for another winter!

See that LOOK?

Dakota is a terrier a rat terror....
I mean a rat terrier...
and he gets cold.
I keep a throw on the couch
all year long cause even on the
hottest days, he wants to be covered.!

He even likes to have the phone and remote
near him. Although....he will sit right
there, next to the phone and will not
answer it!

Some parts of his body get hot....so he uncovers 

And he loves his head on a pillow.

He was under my gown this one 

Speaking of gown...when I first got him
he would sleep under the cover
curled in a ball tucked in behind my 
One morning I woke at the same time
as he and in the process of coming
out from under the covers....he
crawled up the back of my gown.
I had to sit up and wiggle him out!

This is him and Lily last night.
He is covered....Lily wants
of being under the cover.

Lily is looking at him cause he had
been snoring!
He snores loud!!


  1. I loved every singl covered photo. Jake is the only dog we have ever had that wants to be covered. we have baby blankets in every room. he gets cold in AC and i sometimes get up to cover him if he kicks it off. he also loves a pillow for his head.

  2. Oh, my gosh. These are great pictures of your little king. I'm sitting among strangers and trying not to laugh too loud.

  3. LOL- They are worse than kids aren't they? They can slay you with a look. Loved this post, Pam. xo Diana

  4. These are the sweetest pictures ever! Our dog is a rescue - they think a Chihuahua/Cairn Terrier mix and sounds like his personality is like Dakota's. We often can't imagine how he breathes with so much cover on him. So cute of Lily watching him snore!

  5. Lucky little pup to be loved so much, Lily too. Love thes pictures.

  6. A great post and some fabulous photos. Cheers Diane

  7. Awww, but I'll bet he loves going to Grandma's!


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