Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Play Time

Before I go any more into this 
post let me 
say that I 
for the blurred pics...
hard to catch moving pets
at play with a cell phone.
for the unmade bed and the 
closet door standing open!
Been busy with other stuff and
things go undone when I do 
that! HAHA

This is Lily and Dakota 
at PLAY.

Keep in mind that 7
times out of 10 
Dakota starts the play. 

Thanks for stopping in,


  1. These are great! And our bedroom closet door is always open. I stopped shutting it after about the third time one of our three cats (before Luna passed away) got shut in there by accident. ~sigh~ Now I'd better get back to my National Novel Writing Month project. Still have over a thousand words to go for the day! Be well, you three.

  2. it does my heart good to see a cat and a dog at play. I love each photo

  3. Lily is getting big! Pretty soon she'll dwarf Dakota. And few people except those with super-expensive cameras, a good eye and fast shutter can get animal tumbles without a bit of blur! No apologies required!

  4. They are adorable. Well done on getting any photos at all. Cheers Diane


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