Friday, November 24, 2017

My Day with the Girl

haha....thought this was
too cute....
I hope Lily don't take to 
hugging the tree!

Tomorrow I hope to be putting
up the tree...
so we will see!

Today while cleaning the bathroom 
I had Lily watching me...

Then she plays in the 

Silly two babes....they have to 
be close.

Thanks for stopping in, 



  1. Hello Pam, cute series on your furbabies. Have a happy day and weekend! Thanks so much for your comment on my post.

  2. It has been a while since a young kitty was here, those days were fun!

  3. They both melt my heart. Lily is just into everything! lol My youngest cat found one of those little carpeted stick-ums you put on the bottom of chair legs and played with that for the longest yesterday! Can't wait to see Lily's reaction to your decorations.

  4. I had a comment on my blog yesterday from a dog named Dakota but he was a small collie... I can't wait to see what Lily does to the tree or if she does anything.

  5. Hahahaha... Your comment on my blog made me laugh. Yes, kitties like their kibble. Have you tried giving her plain yogurt? Fage brand is a favorite around here and good for their digestive systems, I understand.

  6. So adorable. No matter how old they are, they are still little furball babies aren't they?


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