Thursday, November 16, 2017

Lily's New Box

I have had several folks
tag me on FB on a video
about making this
box for Lily.

I picked up a box at Lowe's
yesterday ....
and this morning I made this.

Cute box with my tshirt over it....she loves it.

Thanks for stopping in, 


  1. A great idea! She is so cute.

  2. Great idea and she looks so happy in there. Hope all is well Diane

  3. Oh what a clever idea Pam, the tee shirt makes the difference to whether they go in or not, familiar smell and all that 😊 I had a cat called Lily years ago, she was gorgeous.

  4. Very cute idea! Whenever I come back from grocery shopping, I always have a new box from the market and the cats LOVE them!

  5. I've seen that video and you've given me the prompt I need to actually have a go at making it. Your Lily looks very happy in there.


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