Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Lily Being Lily

During my fall a week ago I 
scraped up the toe of my boots.
So needless to say, they needed
a good polish.

I sat them down in the living room
and turned around....coming
back to them I found this....
Lily in my boot.

Once I got her out and started to 
polish two sets of boots I had
Lily as my supervisor !

She stayed there the whole time
and proceeded to oversee the 
job being done.

Such a sweetie..
who could not love that face?

The nurse at the vets office last week
said that Lily did not know what to be,
a tabby or a tortoise with her markings.
Her mom was a tortie. 

Sweet little baby!

I wished I had the video camera on her
last night...
she was laying next to me and 
Dakota when she reached up with 
both paws while sleeping and wrapped them
around her head....
by the time I got the camera ready this
is how she was laying.

OH ME....what a hard day!

She is loving the tunnel Theresa
gave her.

When her and Dakota are playing and 
the KING gets a bit out of hand Lily
will take off running into her tunnel!

She is such a mess.

Thanks for coming by to check on the the babes.


  1. Lily has the sweetest face. I could just squeeze her. That tunnel is the perfect safe spot for her. Cats are funny the way they have to supervise everything we do! lol

  2. she is a mess and that face being held with her paws is to precious and got a big awwwwwww


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