Thursday, March 7, 2019

Dakota Update/BAW Moments/Misfires Hay

~Dakota Update~

He has about two more
days worth of meds but
the swollen glands have
gone down. 
Then off to the vet again for
a recheck,
shots, surgery and teeth
But I am so relieved that
the glands have gone down,
I was so worried and I 
am not sure how much more
I could take.

Lily the other night
was having a 
(buck ass wild)
She was WILD.

She started by playing with 
her water bowl by sticking
her paw under it and moving
it around.
Then she was drinking and
taking her paw and snaking it
around the bowl. 
Running through the hall 
and jumping over the 
dogs. Running through
her tunnel, rolling around in 
the tunnel so that it was
moving all over the room.

She was wild that night.

Two days ago I headed out 
to get Misfire some
In Nov the purchase of 25
bales of hay was made.
Due to bad days staying
in the stall, plus the dude
that brings us round bales is 
out so we had to throw 
extra hay in the pasture,
we went through those 
bales. It was time again 
for me to purchase.
Issue~ this time of yr is 
a bad time to try and get 
hay. Most farmers are out except
for what they need to hold on to
for their animals. 

Posting on fb, a woman that 
I did wedding pics and 
family pics for said her
sis in law had hay.

Borrowed truck, 30 min drive,
load 18 bales ( all I could fit on),
drive 30 min back, unload

and all before 11:30 in the morn. 

Misfire babe, you are set for a while 
longer and I took the next day off.


  1. you deserved the day off for sure. i wonder what made Lily go crazy. catnip? she is so cute..

  2. So glad to hear Dakota is doing well. Looks like a good lot of hay there. Take care Diane

  3. I sure am glad Dakota is doing better. Go Lily go! Hey, that’s some hay stack!

  4. Ooh. I never thought about hay shortages. Glad you got stocked up!


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