Sunday, March 31, 2019

Lily and Her Box / Dakota and Chey

This is box we had in the living 
room back before we moved
to moms so it was still waiting
on Lily Bit when we got home.

I started to toss it but found
that she loves to get in it
with the dogs!

Silly girl. She hides and jumps
out at them when they walk

She seems to be the only
thing bringing me
laughter these days.

However the site above made
me smile.

You see, when Dakota stayed
the night at moms, Cheyenne would
not sleep in the bed with him there.
Her being the QUEEN BEE 
she apparently resented the 
from being there. She would
sleep in moms recliner.

However, I guess mom not being
there and me taking over her
bed, Cheyenne gave up the 
resentment and slept 
with Dakota in the bed.

I shot this the other morning 
and was touched by it...
not only does she sleep with the 
KING now, they sleeping 

The story of these two go back years.
Dakota was a AMBER thing where
she thought at 6 Caleb needed
a dog. Six months later they
were moving and could not have
an animal.
That is how I ended up with my
best bud.
Later upon moving again, they got
Dakota always went in the car
with me when I went somewhere.
Going to Ambers Chey would always 
try to play with Dakota.
Dakota, being the ass he could always
be would growl and be ugly to
Later on, Chey went to live
with mom. She then became
the Queen and when Dakota
came over, she treated him the
way her treated her.
Later, becoming friends and 
playing together.
But sleeping together must
have been another thing!


  1. That's a wonderful box for sweet Lily and that's quite the pup pile on the bed!

  2. I am so happy for you and for your fur babies that they love each other and have you. I know them sleeping together has made your Mom smile up in heaven. Lily Bit is still the queens of laugher.

  3. That's a sweet photo of the two pooches! Ours all sleep together now, except Dana the tabby...he's too wiley, he'll jump on on the bed as long as one of the humans are up there, otherwise, he sticks to the cat tree!

  4. Lily is always so happy and I am glad that somebody is keeping you smiling. Hugs Diane

  5. I am glad to see your fur babies love each other.
    have a great day

  6. You have puppy overload. So precious.

    I love that shots of Lily and her box. Nothing better than a good box.

    Have a fabulous day all you furbabes. ♥


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