Thursday, January 17, 2019

Changing the Name / Silly Lily / Lily and Dakota Love


So with these changes I will
be changing the name of my blog.
I think from Dakota and Lily to 
Furbabe Adventures.
What sort of name should it be 
to include four dogs, a cat and a 

The other day Amber (daughter) and 
I was moving things around to 
bring mom home. 
We sat in the living room where
we were going to put the 
hospital bed. Her on the couch
and me on the love seat when we
heard a MEOW, twice.
I got up to walk into the hall
to look for 
LILY of course when Amber said,
did we shut her up in the office.

HAHA...when I stepped to the office 
door I see this.

I called Amber to look and asked her, 
"what do you think, did we shut her
up in the office"?
Oh my....

This was last night. Looks like they
might have had a rough day

So glad Lily likes the three dogs
we inherited. 



  1. Furbabe Adventures works, right Lily? Oops, watch those door closings sweetie!

  2. Time for some change. It's a good thing. I love your babies. All of them, even the new ones.

    Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to your babies. ♥

  3. not fond of furbabes, you will think of something.. horses have hair not fur, right? I love those paws calling for help to get out. made me laugh out loud. I am hurting my brain for a name. will let you know if I think of anything. maybe someone else will. Best to not have the names, like mine is FourpawsETC for the dogs... because my dogs have all passed on except fo BB now..

  4. I like Furbabe Adventures! Wow Pam...four dogs. I've been there. I think we could have been quite okay with five dogs last year if we'd known the owner was never coming back. It was that creep that made things difficult because we were always on the back burner. I wish you luck with all that furry love. The photos are cute!

  5. I will read regardless of the name. ~grin~ I miss the days when a much younger Tilly would reach under the bathroom door wanting to play. Cotton swabs were a popular toy for her back then. I found a bunch of them along the base of the cellar stairs upon moving boxes many years ago. Heh... Be well!


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