Monday, September 10, 2018

Feeling Better and Being Silly

Thank you everyone that
has checked on Dakota...

He is a lot better. He had a rough
day that one day and then the
next he was sort of out of sorts.
But then that evening he was up
and back playing and eating.

Yesterday Silly Lily Bit
was stealing chicken
and peas off her brothers
plate. She did not eat
the carrot. 

Yes, Dakota has his very own Goodwill
plates. Really heavy like the 
ones  you used to find at

Yes, that is a short glass turned
upside down in the center of
his plate....
this slows down his eating 
so that he can't inhale his food.
Dakota eats really fast and that
is what leads to him having
tummy aches. I used to
feed him in a bowl but that was way
to easy to inhale the food.

Lily got behind the washer 
and dryer the other day and
when I went looking for her,
I found her in an empty box. So
I pulled that out, cut an opening
and applied a curtain...



  1. sooooo glad your boy is feeling better and that is a great idea. Jake eats like that, always has but since he is ill has gotten worse. I am trying to think how I could apply this to his dog bowl.

  2. I sure am glad Dakota is feeling better and that Lily is way too cute.


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