Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Furbabes....the Life!

Took this yesterday evening... 

So sweet together..

This morning after a long
night. Dakota seems to think
that we need to sleep
on the couch. He wants to be
downstairs for some reason.
With that...he spends the 
night trying to wake me.
And doing a fine job of
it. I don't know what 
to do. 

So I slept till 8:30
this morn.
Lily woke me again at
6:30 so she went to the
deck. Yep, I got up 
and opened the back door
for her.

When I do get up 
to do coffee I go to the 
deck, and look whom had
taken over my CHAIR...
AGAIN. This is becoming
a habit of hers!

However, Dakot is stretched out
on the glider, SNORING!

I have so much to do....
yet I think a nap will 
happen again today!

Do your furbabes have odd


  1. we never had odd behavior from our dogs, not from Jake either until now, he is doing nothing but odd behavior because he is sliding into the last year of his life we think, he paces/pants and can't settle. he sleeps from 5 to 10, gets up sleeps to 3 and gets up for good. I am lacking sleep and stressed to the max. it is very odd he wants to stay down stairs. maybe it hurts him to go up and down the steps

  2. They are so sweet! Mine take over every chair and comfy spot in the house too. Well, Jack chews on his ears when he's happy and after he eats...Charlie doesn't bark but she makes a "woo woo" sound all the time...Marlene growls when he hug her than wags her tail because I think it's a happy growl...The cats ALWAYS have odd behaviour and I can't even list them lol! When they chase each other around, they will often do a "side step" jump kind of thing, it's hilarious.

  3. Rain's comments always make me smile. So do your posts.


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