Monday, September 24, 2018

That Silly Little Lily

As you know I am staying at
my brothers, house/animal sitting.
Lily...has no issues with it 
and she just goes right in
and taking over.

She has to grace the dining table.

Over see the dogs eating!
(see her on the cabinet)?

Looking at the bird.

Chilling in front of the 
windows and the bird cage.

Chole was wagging her tail
so Lily had to attack!

She loves the chair in 
front of the windows.

Course I pulled this chair over
in front of the front 
windows so she could
keep an eye on the dogs when
they go out.

But first...lets climb up on it.
NO...she did not do the damage
to the chair...THE BIRD DID.

On the bar in front of the kitchen.

Another view of bar sitting.
Loves it here cause she
can take it all in.

 Today we went downstairs
while the cleaning
ladies were cleaning.
They go in and out so much
I have to take
Lily downstairs and put 
her in one bedroom.
She loves the ledge at the
window. about getting

Dakota spent the first two nights
we were at Ray's at mom's.
But he stays close to mom when
we are here together.
Both were chilling
on the bed with me this

Silly Lily loves
to show out for all
of you.


  1. Lily, you are adorable no matter where you choose to sit or lay!

  2. It is good that she moves back and forth with you with no problems. She really is adorable. Keep well Diane

  3. Lily makes herself right at home! She is so cute!

  4. That first picture made me laugh. What sweet fur babies.


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