Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Leonard AKA Lenny

What up folks?!
I am Leonard, AKA Lenny.
I am the original pig at the
farm. Mr. Chris actually purchased
me where the others were rescued
from other humans. 

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Once upon a time I lived in a fenced
in pen. Ms. Pam was worried about
me cause I was losing weight. Mr. Chris
told Ms. Pam that he thought he needed
to call a vet. Ms. Pam told him it was 
because I stayed in the pen and did
not graze the yard and pasture like the
other pigs did. I had eaten up all
my grass in the pen and Ms. Pam was
feeding me extra. 

Ms. Pam told Mr. Chris that I needed
to get out of the pen. He told her
that I did not like being out and 
I would cry if I was taken out. 
Well Ms. Pam was not paying no
attention to that mess so one day
she came to the pen and told me
that if I was hungry I needed to 
get my butt (only that was not the 
word she used) out and graze like
the other pigs. 

I thought she was my mom then cause
I would follow her all over the farm.
She walked to the garage where Mr.
Chris was and showed him I was out
and not crying. I never went in that
pen again. I guess Ms. Pam was 
right on that one.

I like to eat crackers. If you hold
one and tell me to sit, I will back
up and sit down so you can give
me a cracker. Of course, I gained
my weight back and now I eat
everything! I love to be petted and
I am very smart. 

I love Ms. Pam. When her and Mr.
Chris broke up she said she was
kidnapping me and taking me
to her home but she did not. That
is ok, she still comes to see me and
always pets me.



  1. I'm sure glad you are getting enough to eat Lenny, that's very important!

  2. Aw, you're a cutie pie. Pam knows her stuff and I'm glad you're out of that pen.

    Nice to meet you, Lenny. ♥

  3. I would pet you if I were there. so happy for you that you learned to wander and eat grass. you look so handsome...

  4. Ms Pam was right , I am glad you are a happy pig now. Diane


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