Saturday, November 30, 2019

Feral Community / Becky and Zu / Barn Cats

Hi....we are just part of the 
feral cats that live at the
Montgomery's house. 

Lady drove up in the
drive way and we all 
ran this way, that way
and all around!

But when she went in
we were hoping she was
going to come back out and
feed us, so some of us waited.

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And she did...she came back
out with food.

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Well there you have it, the 
feral cats have reported in.
I am okay with that cause
they stay out and I stay in
looking out. 
Course my Human Dad
Mark, takes me out some
times so I can just stroll
around outside. Oh, my the
way I am Becky.

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Hey folks, Zuzu blogging
now. In the pic below I 
am smelling Auntie Pam's
socks. She takes her boots
off when she comes in and 
sits by the door to talk to me.

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I am what Auntie Pam calls
a little shi_, cause when mom 
and dad are here and Auntie Pam
comes over I ignore her. But when
mom and dad are not here, I meet 
Auntie Pam at the door and roll
onto to my back so she can rub me.
I like Auntie Pam but I can't let
mom and dad see that I like Auntie
Pam....but I really do. 

Hey....Shadow, Princess and Tigress
coming to you from the barn. 
We just wanted to be part of the 
other cats blog today. 
So HI!

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Thanks for coming to see us,

Feral Cats
Princess and


  1. they are all beautiful and I know they are thankful for all you do for them.. so precious. even little S___

  2. Y'all are just the cutest and you're lucky to have such a nice human who cares for you.

  3. All very cute. We have feral cats around here but I chase them away as I do not want them feeding on the little birds that I feed!. Have a good week Diane



  YIKES.... My what big teeth  you have!! HAHA Mom told me to say that!! I personally can't tell if it has teeth or not, or even how big...