Saturday, November 16, 2019

That Silly Sis of Mine

finally its my turn to blog

I am happy that my uncle
Mark took all those cats
in and had something done
so they would not have anymore
babies. I really should not
worry about it cause I 
don't live there and I don't
have to put up with them!!
But it was a nice thing to 

Now from one cat to the 
other, Lily Bit. Mom and I
think that she puts on this act
and poses this way cause she
knows how cute she looks. 

Image may contain: cat and indoor

Image may contain: cat and indoor

Image may contain: cat and indoor

Image may contain: cat

 I do have to admit, she is cute.
Her and I have been playing a 
lot lately since she is staying in 
and not hanging on the deck. 

Image may contain: cat and indoor

She is funny too, one minute
she is running BAW (mom calls
it that) and the next, she crashes. 

Leave a sweet comment for 
this girl and for Chey and me too.



  1. you are sweet to give your blog story to Lily Bit, she might be just a tad an attention hog, but I agree, she is to cute to ignore, but then so are you, sweet Dakota...

  2. You are cute, cute, cute sweet Lily and I'm sure happy those kitties got some help too.

  3. Hope you're doing well, King Dakota! Lily is cute. And your humans are awesome. :)



  YIKES.... My what big teeth  you have!! HAHA Mom told me to say that!! I personally can't tell if it has teeth or not, or even how big...