Thursday, November 14, 2019

Feral Community

Hi, Pam here. I am taking my
turn blogging on the pet blog

I wanted to share with you folks....
My family has always been
DOG people, until a few yrs

The cat thing started with my 
niece Holly. There was a kitten
dropped off at my brothers house
and my niece took it back to Knoxville
with her. About a yr later my brothers
dog found a 3 week old kitten under
the shed. The vet said that the mom 
was probably moving them and 
Dinky found the last one before
she was able to move it.
My brother and sis in law 
fed this baby with a bottle and 
helped her to go to the bathroom.
She was named Zuzu. 
This is where I fell in love 
with my first cat. 

Later on my sis in law brought
a drop off that ended up at her
moms home so now they had 
a dog and two cats. The new
cat was named Becky.
Dinky the dog past and another
tame cat ended up at their house.
It lived outside for about 8 months
until my sis in law could not stand it
and then they ended up with Smoky. 

Between Becky and Smoky I got 
Lily. My other brother and sis in law
adopted a stray named  Penny....

Okay, what has happened to this 
DOG family!!?? haha

Well, feral after feral started
showing up at my brothers house.
I think one came and ran back
and told others, they came and
ran back and told more.

Working with the Pet Community
here in Nashville Mark was able to
pick up 9 traps. Starting yesterday he
has been able to catch 8 feral cats. 
One black baby kitten and one mom
has been able to avoid the trapping. 

I dropped my SUV off to him tonight
so he can haul those eight cats to 
the Pet Community to be fixed tomorrow. 
Course I had to have a look
at the catch!

Mark opened the door to the laundry
room and there they were. I wanted 
to take them all home with me.
There seems to be about 3
different ages.

No photo description available.

One of the older looks like
it has Siamese in it. Three
of the babes have blue eyes
also. A couple have nubs for 

Three are the younger
bunch that have the 
same color and markings,
like below.

Image may contain: 1 person, dog

Then there is this one long
hair babe. Scared to pieces but
I wanted to bring them all home.

Image may contain: bird

Thank you Mark for taking 
care of these babes and having
them fixed.


  1. Yes, thank you Mark for being a responsible person. These babies will have a much better life.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  2. Hooray, Mark done good, that's a mighty fine bunch of trapping. Good luck sweet ones.

  3. Good job! My eldest brother ended up with unexpected cats. They sense kindness in folks, I believe. ~nods~ Be well!


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