Friday, November 22, 2019

Wooly Worm

Hi, Cheyenne blogging to you
today. I wanted to share
something really cool that
mom saw the other night
when coming home.

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

Its a Wooly Worm.
Mom put her hand there so you
could tell its size. 
Reading up on them, no silly
not me but mom did and told me
about them. We learned that
the black ones mean the onset
of a hard winter. YIKES....
I don't mind cold but really COLD
I don't care for. Hope this worm
is not correct. 



  1. Yep, that wooly one is sure giving an early warning!

  2. I can tell you that if you step on one of these barefoot, it stings like crazy. hope its wrong about the hard winter

  3. The Cleveland area theory when I grew up mentioned something about the band of orange between black bands on wooly bears. I love finding them, familiar or otherwise, though I'm sure not all are friendly to our garden. :) I've enjoyed seeing several types this year.


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