Saturday, August 25, 2018

Day Without Dakota

Once a week Dakota goes to my
mom's house and spends the night
so that he can play with her babes.

Lily misses him when he is gone.
But with cool temps she is hanging
on the deck all day. She only came
in for an hour yesterday when I went
to get Dakota.
That means from six to about six!

But she was well entertained. The birds 
are very active this time of yr. 
and she watched them 

And this is her once she was 
all worn out from her
bird watching day.


  1. She is so entertaining, I love her. Hope you are feeling better. Diane

  2. Bird-TV can sure wear ya out!

  3. It is good for Dakota to visit his pals, but not so good for lonely Lily... she needs at least one more pillow and 2 more blankets in the first photo. 😁

  4. Lily is so cute Pam! I love that photo of her in the tunnel. Our cats are basically living out on the porch lately, I've been kicked off the love seat officially! :)

  5. Pam if you go back to my birthday post, the one before the one you said you want to see photos of our place, there is a link at the bottom taking you to My Life in the Charente which has all the photos of the barn and the front of our house! Take care Diane


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