Tuesday, October 3, 2017

My Fur Babies

Good morning!
I love blogging, I love
sharing my adventures,
my babies, their activities 
and my photos.

Someone on my blog 
suggested that the name
Lily's Blog would be a great
name for a blog. That got
me to thinking that maybe
Dakota and Lily needed
their own blog since I seem
to have no life these days and I
talk about my fur babies
all the time!

If you have not met them yet let
me introduce them to you.

This is Dakota
Why that nickname?
Before Lily he was the 
He acted like a KING.
Now a days though he shares
that throne with his 
new sister 

This is Lily
AKA the Princess.

Dakota is a 10.5 year old Rat Terrier
that came into my world when I least
expected it and did not want it!!

My daughter thought my grandson needed
a dog, Caleb at the age of 6 could
have care less about having a dog.
Dakota was high strung and did 
not do so well with an active 6 yr
old boy who chased him with bats,
threw balls at him or chased
him with remote control cars.

Six months down the road they are
moving and they can not have
animals." Mom, can you watch him
till we find him a home"??
Oh that went over well, everyone 
kept saying that I just needed to keep him.
They were not looking for a home for
him so I started....cause I did not want him.
It was not him per say it was I did not
want an animal. I had Amber
and Caleb living with me till 
Caleb was 6, when they moved out.
I had just been reclaiming my home
for that six months when I inherited 

I started looking for a home for him.
Only to find something wrong with 
the person that wanted each time.
Finally five months later I
gave it and decided he would 
stay....haha! I would not own up
to it till then. 
I am so glad I kept him cause he has
brought me so much joy, love and 
laughs that I will share on this blog with
all of you. 

Why did I get Lily?
Dakota went to my mom's house
everyday for 9 yrs. and played with 
her dogs during the day. My own 
dog sitting company!
When I retired 1.5 yrs ago I noticed
that Dakota was becoming a 
grumpy old man. So I struggled
with getting another pet for him
to play with. I struggled for months.
I knew he needed it and I wanted to do
what was best for him but at the same
time since I suffer from Fibromyalgia really
bad I was against getting something else
for me to care for. 

I finally decided he needed a pet.
Yes, him, not me. 
I did not want a puppy to house
break, or have to take out on 
a leash since Dakota goes out on
his own. There are just those days
I can't do it. 
Mom suggested a cat.
I thought about it but being I was
NEVER a cat person, I kept pushing 
that aside. Finally deciding against 
a dog or puppy I thought hard about 
a cat. But I heard all my life
that cats have a 
I knew with the KING
that would not work well. 
So then I started thinking kitten.
That struggle I was under finally
settled for a kitten. I figured
as it grew into a cat-a-tude, 
Dakota would have a better chance to
adjust. It was a great time of the yr also
for my choice.....kitten season.

I contacted a place called Country 
K-9 Rescue, they mainly deal with 
dogs but they take in kittens at this
time of year and foster them. They would
go out and trap Feral cats to have them
fixed. It was not till the other day
that via their fb page they told me
that they had trapped Lily's mom
in a cage and that night, unknown
to them, she gave birth to 3 girls and
and 3 boys. 

This mom with her babies. 
She is a tortoise shell. 
I understand from my contact that
she was a firecracker when they caught
her, my guess cause she was about
to deliver. Anyway, she was fostered
and apparently they were able to 
adopt her out. My contact is 
double checking on that, I hope
that was the case. 

Anyway, Lily has been an amazing 
addition to my NO PET home!
HAHA...she fit right in and Dakota
and her love each other.
They chase each other, they
wrestle together and they sleep

Lily picked a good home....yes, she 
picked me to bring her home
to be Dakota's pet!
More on that later.

Share your story of how you 
came to have your fur baby in my comments,


  1. Well done and a great blog, look forward to watching the antics os Dakota ans Lily. Take care Diane

    1. Sorry slip of the finger - antics of Dakota and Lily!!

  2. Precious pictures and a great blog, Pam!

  3. I love it. how about The King and the Firecracker for a name. ha ha.. Lily is a firecracker for sure. loved the story.

  4. I love hearing the stories. What joy they bring!

  5. Amazing tale. I've probably already told you in some way, shape, or form how asthma prevented me having furry pets. Then Luna the neighborhood stray cat decided to adopt me in 1999. At first I tried keeping her out of the house, then in the basement, and finally at least out of our bedroom. She slept on my pillow most nights for many years. ~grin~ Long story short, I ended up on good medications and have two other female cats that are aging well after Luna passed away in 2014. My lungs have never been better and I thank God for bringing Luna into my life.


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